May 2017

The world is literally getting crazier with social media. Now an embarrassing, but socially irrelevant, blunder on television can trigger death threats.


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April 2017

Building on the successful and innovating formula of MIP Cancun, advice for similar, smaller TV markets and for small indie companies attending larger markets.


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January 2017

Divisiveness and polarization have been around for centuries and they are the root causes of wars. Today, the Internet accelerates these, but traditional media is where all of the memes have originated


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November 2016

Norman Horowitz Syndrome: A social and business condition that is beneficial to all concerned, but its value is not yet fully appreciated.


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October 2016

MIPCOM is great because average people like me can mingle with great talents, and the fact that we’re able to recognize this, makes me and people like me somewhat “great.”


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June 2016

Elegance is defined as something that is unnoticeable, but as an amateur social historian, I tend to notice the unnoticeable — especially the trivial aspects of the TV distribution business.

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May 2016

Perhaps my old age is starting to interfere with me, but I’m wondering what’s so special about the good ol’ days. Were video cassettes better than today’s streaming promos? Were sales trips more enjoyable with operator-assisted international sales calls? Yes, air travel was more civilized, but is that all?


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April 2016

Pity program buyers for whom split personalities are a job requirement. Fortunately, this critic doesn’t have to deal with audience tastes, but can just appreciate the production value of shows. It wasn’t an easy task at first, but time served as a teacher.


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February-March 2016

Now we know with mathematical accuracy that the life of FTA TV will last at least another 20 years. The probability is only 50 percent, but it’s definitely better than the imminent doomsday predictions of the naysayers.


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January 2016

Comparing the retention level of print versus online, print wins overwhelmingly, and authoritative academics confirm it. I’m wondering if advertising follows the same pattern. (…)

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