Cover Stories


  1. World: Print is alive and well with millennials. Trump card played in Poland’s new TV rules. U.S. airlines compete to give you less. Best and worst TV days of the week around the world.
  1. Book Review. Analog is getting its revenge: zerotoone
  1. NATPE Review: Fighting “badgeless” people, bringing music to the table
  1. LATAM sports at SPORTELAmerica: Sales, copyrights and technology challenges addressed in Miami
  1. Streaming: IPTV Does Not Mean Internet Television
  1. Territories: Canada at TV Markets. TV trade shows attendance might vary, but they’re still essential for business
  1. Calendar of events and how to beat U.S. airlines’ anti-consumer sanctioned attitude
  1. My Two Cents: Building on the successful and innovating formula of MIP Cancun, advice for similar, smaller TV markets and for small indies attending larger markets
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