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  1. World: German viewers didn’t like “TikTok Who’s There?”; Super Bowl telecast to “hail” U.S. president Trump’s TV spots
  1. Book Review: How Bollywood and Turkish soaps are leading mass culture on a global scale
  1. ATF Review: At 20 the market reaches drinking age

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  1. DISCOP Joburg Review: Market under siege by sellers, internal issues, and competitors
  1. Int’ TV Distribution Hall of Fame. Robert Chua: Sharing life, TV biz with wife Peggy in Hong Kong
  1. Calendar of events in 2020. Plus: Airports ranked by The WSJ
  1. My Two Cents: TV trade shows should give up on those useless conferences, and instead have a panel of experts from various TV fields so that they can come up with a unified vision of the industry’s future
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