1. World: NAB Las Vegas deals with hardware, and touches on all aspects of show biz
  1. World: Super Bowl & TV misconceptions. In Italy, Travolta trampled by the chicken dance
  1. World: Series Mania, Lille’s premier TV conference, grows in the midst of turbulence. Cartoons on the Bay Returns to Pescara.
  1. World: New formats coming up on the marketplace.
  1. MIPTV preview: A potentially good event struggles surrounded by successful markets.
  1. Miami Markets Report: Two TV trade shows at once. Competing dates caused dismay.
  1. Book review: Will Prestige TV (aka Peak TV) change with streamers in crisis?
  1. Pilots, straight-to-series commitments, renewals for the 2024-2025 season.
  1. Airlines predict more problems than last year. Plus, calendar of events.
  1. My2¢: Incompetence masquerading as personal truth might be beneficial to one’s health. Too many truths, however, could cause agita.
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