Cover Stories


  1. World: Turkey in Cannes, CBS’s TCR
  1. Book Review: Shining a light on Stanley Kubrick by a writer in the driver’s seat
  1. New U.S. TV season pilots selection. Soon the 1,700 international buyers in L.A. (and around the world) will know the pick ups
  1. Who’s screening what and where at the InterContinental Hotel and throughout Hollywood
  1. Indie program guide: More scripted and unscripted shows are becoming a reality for exhibitors
  1. Sección en Español: Asia y fútbol occidental, SportelAmerica, mundo digital
  1. Lots of talk at MIPTV, but just chats about sales. Plus, the conference portion is taking over the market
  1. Calendar of events, and how airlines are making flying even more joyless
  1. My Two Cents: The world is literally getting crazier with social media. Now an embarrassing, but socially irrelevant blunder on television can trigger death threats.
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