Cover Stories


  1. World: U.S. OTA, Netflix, Toy Fair, … and something about nations’ self-notions
  1. Book Review: Hollywood heroines — The on- andoff-screen women who led the industry
  1. TCA History: Critics set the stage for the new U.S. TV season
  1. NATPE Review: The Miami market’s present and future as reported in VideoAge Daily at NATPE
  1. Some NATPE seminars of some interest
  1. Artificial intelligence in dubbing: Almost there, but still a long way to go!
  1. L.A. Screenings 2019 — Updates and Calendar
  1. Calendar of events and the airports-port of entry to attend those events
  1. My Two Cents: The fact that I have attended 40 MIP-TVs is a reason to be pitied, not celebrated. As member of the “press,” I would probably be more appreciated if I were to go to the laundry room to “press” some shirts.
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