Cover Stories


  1. World: Greece, France, Ghana, Italy. Letters
  1. Book Review: Hollywood’s best sent to battle to document, propagandize WWII
  1. Mart Report: Prague II was better than Prague I, but CEE’s economy and regional conflicts were a drag
  1. Int’l TV Distribution Hall of Fame: Program sales gave Bruce Gordon the tools to confront Rupert Murdoch and Kerry Parker in Australia
  1. The 4K “quad”mire: New higher TV resolution promises better picture with a few caveats. Plus: Ricardo Medina begs to differ and he’s embracing 4K productions
  1. MIPCOM Preview: October is harvesting time for int’l showbiz in Cannes
  1. Film, TV production finance to follow a predictable pattern
  2. Virtual trade shows have merits and time will prove them right
  3. The demise of FTA is assured, as is the changing nature of free TV
  4. Advertising and ad agencies in search of the critical mass
  5. Laser-graphing TV audiences. Rating services will not be counting heads
  6. Brands to become expressions of values and ways of living
  7. More regulations, stricter rules driven by consumers, not lobbies
  8. Tvcasters offering “teleaction” in 3D holography but for storage, paper wins
  9. Futurist and scientist talks about Internet vulnerabilities
  10. Accuracy of far-sighted predictions is 90 percent mental, the other half is physical
  1. Event planner and travel news
  1. My 2¢: Suspense and surprise in movies and TV shows are now also controlled by MBAs.
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