Cover Stories


  1. World: The Jornadas: Argentina’s cable TV market’s new dates; Australia’s FTA; TRT’s second annual screenings in Cesne, Turkey
  1. Book Review. A Complex, Fascinating Franco-Italian Spat For Media Control, Poorly Rendered
  1. Int’l TV Distribution Hall of Fame. Bill Peck: A Serious Executive Who Inadvertently Brought Fun To TV Sales
  1. L.A. Screenings Review: Fewer buyers, but more new TV series
  1. U.S. critics agree to disagree about the future of television
  1. Calendar of events and Travel News: Diamonds Vs. Stars: Hotels Have Choices To Charge More
  1. My 2¢: We all know the importance and impact of TV commercials on consumers, society and the economy. Then, why doesn’t the media criticize them as it does movies, TV shows and even restaurants?
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