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A Refreshing Talk With ViacomCBS’s Dan Cohen

"In 2020 we did more than 600 deals, and (...)

Vivendi-Mediaset: The Chess Game To Win the European Streaming War

The story begins in 2016, when Vincent Bolloré decided (...)

MIP-TV Between a Rock And a Hard Place

It’s hard to reconcile a TV market focused on (...)

Looking back at the L.A. Screenings: Welcome Signs

April 15th, 2021|0 Comments

Welcome signs are popular decorations at the L.A. Screenings. The above photo montage depicts some examples of the signs and banners seen at the Hollywood studios between 2008 and 2019 (in chronological order). Examples include signs found at Paramount Pictures, (...)

SPI: The Ultimate Content Hub For Audiences, Distributors

April 12th, 2021|0 Comments

SPI International is working diligently to create cutting-edge products that aim to provide a well-rounded entertainment experience for the increasingly tech-savvy consumer while making quality content easier to access and discover. As part of the company’s digital expansion strategy, SPI (...)

Challenges, Controversies, Pilots & New TV Sales Models

April 8th, 2021|0 Comments

Dan Cohen opened up his books and his mind for VideoAge's April Issue, which is linked with the virtual MIP-TV event taking place April 12-14 in a place called cyberspace. Cohen is the president of ViacomCBS Global Distribution Group. In (...)

Inspiring New Stories From ACI

April 5th, 2021|0 Comments

Content buyers should check out Finding Love in Mountain View, an ACI INSPIRES original premiering on the Hallmark Channel in October 2021. Founded by George Shamieh and Chevonne O'Shaughnessy, American Cinema International (ACI), is an L.A.-based independent entertainment company that (...)

April 2021

Is it important or necessary to be erudite? Why be pressured to know something today when that info may be different tomorrow? After all,the globe is still turningat the same speed as when it was created, even though our world seems to be moving at the speed of light. (…)

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Joe Wallach: Political Intrigue Did Not Undermine His TV Challenges

When Joseph "Joe" Wallach was working at Brazil's Globo TV (...)

Irv Holender: A Mensch Who Harvests Libraries
And Sells Product Internationally

U.S. film and TV veteran Irving (Irv) Holender began his (...)

Moses Znaimer: A New McLuhan, But With a Mission To Reinvent Television

Moishe (Moses) Znaimer is a media entrepreneur, media executive, media (...)