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MIP Cancun: Conquering
the Heart & Mind of LATAM

Although a number of anti-COVID health measures have been (...)

Inside Paramount+: The
Path To Make Money

During a 30-minute interview with the Wall Street Journal (...)

Back In-Person MIPCOM Report:
The Bracelet Edition

This year’s four-day MIPCOM market should have been the (...)

Alice Donenfeld: Re-sells in a Digital Era is a 0 to 1 Proposition

November 22nd, 2021|0 Comments

In the past, most television licenses and sales were made person to person — it was how the industry conducted things for decades. Technology then made the game easier, but today's technology has created a colder, less accessible world. My (...)

MIP Cancun Market: So Far So Good

November 18th, 2021|0 Comments

Against all odds — starting with a Cancun that had once been declared a high COVID-19 contamination area but managed to become a safe or "green zone," to a shootout between rival gangs in a downtown Cancun hotel in early (...)

Challenges for TV Writers & Agents at MIP Cancun

November 15th, 2021|0 Comments

Writing talents in Brazil is the topic of the conversation at MIP Cancun on Wednesday, November 17, at 10 a.m. in the Arena Conference room of the Moon Palace Resort. The two panelists are, from Rio de Janeiro, Brazilian crime (...)

LATAM Challenges in VideoAge’s November Issue

November 11th, 2021|0 Comments

Just before MIP Cancun opens its doors at the Moon Palace Resort on November 16 for its latest in-person TV market, reps for NATPE announced that NATPE Miami will also be held in person, and will begin on January 18, (...)

November 2021

After dealing with the pandemic disaster that has plagued the world for more than 20 months, why is it that, this time around most of the international TV sector still can’t seem to fully return to business as usual? (…)

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John Laing: Crisscrossing The World With a RoboCop Promo Under His Arm

It was a big mistake to ask John Franklin Scott (...)

Joe Wallach: Political Intrigue Did Not Undermine His TV Challenges

When Joseph "Joe" Wallach was working at Brazil's Globo TV (...)

Irv Holender: A Mensch Who Harvests Libraries
And Sells Product Internationally

U.S. film and TV veteran Irving (Irv) Holender began his (...)