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Television in an Era
of Viewer Unhappiness

During the recent SXSW Conference in March one particular (...)

Direct-to-Consumer: New
TV Biz Mantra With Pitfalls

The concept seemed simple enough. And it was fully (...)

Good Content Output For
Co-Exclusive Licensing

Overall, the 2024 edition of the L.A. Screenings was (...)

June-July 2024

Bad sound only affects streaming TV series — not shows broadcast on linear television channels. Despite this being a well-known problem, some streamers don’t seem to want to solve it. (…)

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History of the L.A. Screenings

History of MIP-TV (Plus, MIP-TV 2003 under SARS, Iraq War, Industry consolidation and recession)

History of NATPE

History of MIFED (in Italian)

History of Prix Italia through the pages of VideoAge (PDF version)

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Citizen Journalism Verified by Newsflare

July 22nd, 2024|0 Comments

By Ru Roberts* User-generated videos — videos recorded by the public, commonly via smartphones, but inclusive of anything with a camera — have become increasingly common in the digital age for use by professional news organizations. By incorporating “citizen journalism” (...)

A Book About Expats & Hollywood

July 18th, 2024|0 Comments

Out of the limelight, hidden in the central region of Italy, VideoAge's editor Dom Serafini has spent two years collecting stories about people from Abruzzo who took jobs overseas (the so-called expats), plus those from the second generation of emigrants (...)

(MIP) London Calling: Logistics and Logic Explained

July 11th, 2024|0 Comments

Underground stations in London warn riders to: "Mind the gap." In the case of MIP London and London-based content distribution companies, the "gap" that they're looking at is between what they already do during the London Screenings (taking place February (...)

Bert Cohen’s Worldvision: After Seven Owners, Its Success Became Its Downfall

In his business life, Bertram (later legally changed to Bert) (...)

John Laing: Crisscrossing The World With a RoboCop Promo Under His Arm

It was a big mistake to ask John Franklin Scott (...)

Joe Wallach: Political Intrigue Did Not Undermine His TV Challenges

When Joseph "Joe" Wallach was working at Brazil's Globo TV (...)