In the MIP-TV 2015 Issue, VideoAge launched the printed and Web editions of the “International TV Distribution Hall of Fame.” This recurring feature pays tribute to the pioneers of international television distribution: a first in our industry.

It honors and recognizes a select group of executives whose careers shaped an industry and in the process, helped the development of commercial television around the world. These men and women worked for Hollywood studios, film and TV content suppliers across Europe and entertainment companies from around the world. They operated without any kind of roadmap, writing the rulebook as they went along –– yet transformed an ancillary business into a global industry. These are the individuals who built the foundation we all stand upon.

The honorees and candidates for “International TV Distribution Hall of Fame” are (in alphabetical order) listed below. For complete bios click the names underlined.

Farouk (Frank) Agrama (Egypt, Italy, U.S.)

Helios Alvarez (Brazil)

Carlos Barba (Cuba)

Osvaldo Barzelatto (Chile)

Ralph Baruch

Susan L. Bender

Bert Cohen

Bill Cooke (Canada)

Roger Cordjohn (U.K.)

Robert Chua

Colin Davis

Alice Donenfeld

Ralph Ellis (Canada)

Laurie Fein (Canada)

Sandy Frank

Ralph Franklin

Anthony D. Friscia

Larry Gershman

Bill Gilbert (U.K.)

Bruce Gordon (Australia) 

Max Gusberti (Italy)

Fred Haber

Irv Holender

Norman Horowitz

Herbert G. Kloiber (Germany)

Theodoros (Theo) Kouroglou (Greece)

John Laing

Herb Lazarus

Pedro Leda (Argentina)

Brian McGrath

Richard Milnes (U.K.)

Reiner Moritz (Germany/U.K.)

Armando Nuñez Sr.

William (Bill) J. Peck (U.K.)

Claude S. Perrier (France)

Rosario Ponzio (Italy)

Giuseppe Proietti (Italy)

Michael J. Solomon

Alan Silverbach

Pedro Simoncini (Argentina) 

Herb Stewart (Canada)

Marcel Vinay Sr. (Mexico)

Banjiro Uemura (Japan)

Elie Wahba (Brazil)

Joe Wallach

Moses Znaimer (Canada)