NATPE Miami: Zoomer Media Gets A ‘Workout’

Zoomer Media is at NATPE Miami highlighting Anjelica’s 22 Minute Workout (pictured). The fitness series is a modern twist on, as well as a tribute to the hottest aerobics (…)

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NATPE Miami: Viacom Travels With ‘Los Internacionales’

Viacom International Studios, a division of ViacomCBS, will be spotlighting a NATPE Miami lineup that includes Los Internacionales (pictured). The series tells the story of Colombian thieves who (…)

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NATPE Miami: Universal Cinergia Dubbing Begins 2020 With Bright Outlook

Universal Cinergia Dubbing has been offering language dubbing, subtitling, closed captioning, and translation services since 2012.

The company starts 2020 with bright perspectives for the year. The opening (…)

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NATPE Miami: Telefilms Goes to ‘Midway’

Telefilms embarks to the Fontainebleau for NATPE Miami with Midway (pictured). The drama tells the true-life tale of an undermanned American fleet and the brave Navy leaders and pilots who (…)

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NATPE Miami: SPI International Brings ‘Mister Mayfair’

SPI International is a global media company operating 40 television channels on six continents.

Working with over 1,400 operators worldwide, SPI uses state-of-the-art technology to provide its 60 (…)

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NATPE Miami: Record TV Faces the ‘Apocalypse’

At NATPE Miami, Record TV will bring plenty of telenovelas.

Jezebel (Jezabel) tells the story of a Phoenician princess who uses her beauty and seductive powers to marry King Ahab (…)

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NATPE Miami: Multicom Shares The Archive

Multicom Entertainment Group will deliver a diverse array of content in Miami.

The Archive is a channel dedicated to rare, retro, and 4K-restored films and classic TV. The channel (…)

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NATPE Miami: Mondo TV ‘to the Rescue’

Mondo TV Iberoamerica will head to NATPE Miami with a roster of animated and live-action adventures.

In MeteoHeroes, six ordinary kids discover they possess superpowers that give them control (…)

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NATPE Miami: MISTCO Unlocks The ‘Golden Cage’

MISTCO will be in attendance at NATPE Miami with an array of drama titles.

Romantic drama Golden Cage (pictured) chronicles an enchanting love born out of revenge. Despite their hostile (…)

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NATPE Miami: Mediaset Shows ‘Love and Sacrifice’

Mediaset Distribution is showcasing the thriller The Silence of Water (pictured). The disappearance of a young girl becomes the dramatic starting point to an investigation that will expose what (…)

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