NATPE Miami: Zee Endures ‘Bullets And Blood’

Mumbai-based Zee Entertainment Enterprises Limited is attending NATPE with Global Content Hub by Zee, its international content library featuring family dramas, factual documentaries, and lifestyle series.

Soap opera Begusarai (Bullets and (…)

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NATPE Miami: Viacom Finds ‘True Love’

Viacom International Media Networks brings a bundle of dramatic thrillers, romantic comedies, and live-action teen series to the Fontainebleau for NATPE Miami.

In Campanas en la noche, Omar runs (…)

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NATPE Miami: ‘Proven Innocent’ By Twentieth Century Fox

Twentieth Century Fox Television Distribution brings a host of drama series to the Fontainebleau, including The Passage, an epic thriller centered on a dangerous virus that has the (…)

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NATPE Miami: Telefilms Opens ‘Green Book’

Argentina’s Telefilms is hauling its roster of feature films to NATPE Miami, and is spotlighting touching biopics, animated adventures, and coming-of-age dramas.

Green Book (pictured) is about an unlikely friendship (…)

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NATPE Miami: Record TV Brings The ‘Apocalypse’

Brazilian broadcaster Record TV is bringing telenovelas, miniseries, and soap operas inspired by Biblical stories to the international market.

Jesus (Jesús) is a dramatic retelling of the religious leader’s life. (…)

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NATPE Miami: Paramount Drives With ‘Bumblebee’

Paramount Pictures brings to Miami an eclectic roster that includes tales of an animatronic VW bug, a young girl’s magical journey through Wonderland, a Stephen King adaptation, (…)

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NATPE Miami: Multicom Travels With ‘Boonie Bears’

Multicom Entertainment Group is representing an extensive catalog of feature films and TV series in several genres and formats.

At NATPE Miami, Multicom is also promoting two specialized (…)

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NATPE Miami: MISTCO Extends ‘Hold My Hand’

MISTCO will be highlighting Hold My Hand (pictured) in Miami. The romantic drama follows Azra, a well-educated girl whose perfect life is disrupted when her father is found dead (…)

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NATPE Miami: Mediaset Trades ‘Love And Sacrifice’

At NATPE Miami, Italy’s Mediaset Distribution will be presenting season two of Code Name Solo. Marco’s undercover mission to infiltrate the Corona family gets even more complicated when the (…)

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NATPE Miami: Lionsgate is on ‘The A List’

Lionsgate Entertainment‘s library of original and groundbreaking series is backed by STARZ television and feature titles.

Drama series Sweetbitter (pictured) is a young woman’s coming-of-age story set against the (…)

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