Studio Screenings at NBI Are Now Aiding Indies

A number of large U.S. studios are holding their post-L.A. Screenings, new season screenings at what is now known as NATPE Budapest International (or NBI), the newest in a long (…)

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Rosario Ponzio Celebrated in the Hall of Fame

Rosario Ponzio epitomizes the golden era of Italian television: The period between 1979 and 1989 when Silvio Berlusconi’s TV channels dominated the national and international markets, and when RAI had (…)

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To Reach the New U.S. TV Season, Surf Through Reboots, Remakes, Revivals, Spin-offs, Formats

In the U.S., a “reboot” is a television show in which only the idea is taken from an old series (example: Magnum P.I.). A “remake” is a modern version of (…)

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Is Devaluation Good For Turkish TV Exporters?

Traditionally, Turkish TV exporters get paid in dollars, yet they now pay producers with devalued lira. Some analysts believe that this could represent a windfall for Turkish TV export companies. (…)

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Parties at L.A. Screenings 2018

At least 10 major parties were held during the 12-day L.A. Screenings event, taking place at studio lots, in hotels, and at convention halls. These were in addition to various (…)

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Chile’s MEGA, Esperanza Garay form MGE

Mega Global Entertainment (MGE) is the new Miami, Florida-based company created by Mega TV of Chile and Esperanza Garay, who will serve as MGE’s CEO, to distribute all of MEGA’s drama (…)

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Scenes From NATPE’s L.A. Screenings Indy Days

VideoAge is coming to you live from the InterContinental Hotel for the 55th annual L.A. Screenings extravaganza for the independents an event that takes place before the studios take (…)

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Dig Challenges? May’s VideoAge is Here to Help

The May 2018 edition of VideoAge is an Issue to read cover-to-cover, as well as to use as a reference tool.

It starts with Gina Brogi—the ultimate digital rights expert at (…)

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Issues Facing Black Media Addressed in Hollywood

On April 28, 2018, the Black Hollywood Education and Resource Center (BHERC) hosted seven media professionals — including Karamo Brown of Netflix’s Queer Eye; Hip Hollywood senior producer Jasmine Simpkins; syndicated radio host Tanya (…)

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‘VideoAge’ Can Answer All Your CEE Questions

Do you know which countries comprise the Central European and Eastern (CEE) region? Do you know which CEE TV channels could be successfully distributed in the U.S. and Canada? And (…)

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