A Veteran Remembrance: Friends Are Not Forgotten

By Tony Friscia

For 15 uninterrupted years, a group of entertainment industry colleagues — self-described as “veterans” — have gathered together in Los Angeles during the L.A. Screenings to lunch with (…)

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First-Hand Account of an AFM Participant

Jesse Baritz, Director, Content Acquisition and Development, for Los Angeles-based Multicom Entertainment Group, sent VideoAge‘s Water Cooler a first-hand report about his experience at the virtual American Film Market (AFM) (…)

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From Picture-phones to Zoom: Will the Evolution Continue?

The world at large is currently experiencing “Zoom fatigue” due to the extensive use of virtual face-to-face technology. This extensive use is imposed by fear of the coronavirus pandemic and (…)

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Political Surveys Vs. TV Ratings

By Dom Serafini

What has happened to American social and political researchers, surveyors, poll-takers, and data scientists? Lately, it seems like they never come up with any accurate projections.

In a recent (…)

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‘VideoAge’ Remembers Alex Trebek

In August 1986, VideoAge launched the world’s first TV Game $how Magazine, a New York City-based consumer monthly that, in its short life, reported on over 60 game shows, new (…)

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Virtual 41st AFM Is Bigger Than The Live 40th

The 41st annual American Film Market (AFM) begins today, Monday, November 9, 2020. It takes place in a virtual Santa Monica, California (its traditional city) in eight virtual venues (as (…)

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VideoAge’s November Issue Makes Virtuality Real

VideoAge’s November Issue, soon to be available online, will let 12 international TV executives from eight countries frankly analyze the virtues and vices of the virtual TV markets that have (…)

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The Incredible Joe Wallach Soon in ‘VideoAge’

Joe Wallach will be featured in the December 2020 Issue of VideoAge as the newest inductee into the publication’s Hall of Fame. Few people would drive from Los Angeles to (…)

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Air Travel In Our New Normal: Alitalia Vs. Delta

The problems started early on at Milan’s MXP airport. It all began at the check-in area — even before the check-in area, really — what with the confusing directions as (…)

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Pedro Font: 1938-2020

Until recently, his age was a well-kept secret, but what was well known about him were his peculiarities and his ingenuity. Pedro Font (pictured above), whose full name was Pedro (…)

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