Summer & Fall TV Marts Get Thumb-ups From Virologists

We all know that the coronavirus isn’t an issue of the political left or right, and that the only way to fight it is not though ideology, but science. In (…)

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Andrew Cuomo’s Show Should Snag Emmy Nominations

By Dom Serafini

The governor of New York State, Andrew Cuomo, should be nominated for three Emmys for his daily COVID-19 TV updates — a Daytime Emmy, a Primetime Emmy, and (…)

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Priority PR’s Clever Expansion in Digital Media

By Jeff Pryor*

To kick off 2020, the Los Angeles-based Priority PR expanded its client roster in Digital. New client assignments include Diamond Eagle Acquisition Corp., headed by media investors Jeff (…)

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Michael F. Goldman 1939-2020

By Dom Serafini

This journalist reached out to Michael F. Goldman, someone he considered a “fellow Italian,” in 1991, when we at VideoAge were being unfairly financially penalized by the American (…)

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Longing to Pay Money For Face-to-Face Meetings

Normally, summer evokes images of beaches with waves crashing, sunburns, sweaty trips to visit the in-laws, fattening ice cream, hangover-inducing mojitos, and other similarly pleasurable thoughts. Not this year. The (…)

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VatiVision: The Vatican-Inspired TVoD

By Alessandro Bettero*

Its official name is VatiVision, but it’s starting to be known as the “Vatican’s answer to Netflix.” The project is big and ambitious. Roman Catholics now have (…)

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The Future Isn’t What it Used to Be

By Dom Serafini

Recently, we in the press — at least in our case — have been inundated by studies, analyses, research, predictions, projections, and visions of the future, which, we’re (…)

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Creating a One-of-a-Kind Dubbing Academy

By Jacques Barreau*

The next big challenge in the media and entertainment business will be the talent pool.  Regardless of the country or the language, the coming years are going to (…)

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There is Nothing Uncertain About Uncertainty

By Dom Serafini

Uncertainty doesn’t come from nowhere. It is man-made. It is often foreseen well ahead of time, but the warnings are regularly and deliberately ignored. Be it the destabilization (…)

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Vancouver AD Company Formalizes Lockdown

By Melissa Hope*

Descriptive Video Works is an audio description (or AD) company. We create descriptions of what is happening on screen to help people who are visually impaired enjoy the (…)

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