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By Ru Roberts*

User-generated videos videos recorded by the public, commonly via smartphones, but inclusive of anything with a camera have become increasingly common in the digital age for (…)

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A Book About Expats & Hollywood

Out of the limelight, hidden in the central region of Italy, VideoAge‘s editor Dom Serafini has spent two years collecting stories about people from Abruzzo who took jobs overseas (the (…)

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(MIP) London Calling: Logistics and Logic Explained

Underground stations in London warn riders to: “Mind the gap.” In the case of MIP London and London-based content distribution companies, the “gap” that they’re looking at is between what (…)

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NATPE Budapest Rumbles & Rumors

Judging from the good number of printed trade publications published for the occasion and being distributed at NATPE Budapest, the CEE market could probably be considered a success (especially when (…)

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Celebrities Needed, No Need To Apply

By Dom Serafini

On weekday evenings I switch between channels to watch entertainment news programs (including the syndicated Extra, Entertainment Tonight, and NBC’s Access Hollywood) — not to be informed about (…)

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Telephonophobians Use E-Mail

Please continue to use cellular phones to watch videos, link to TikTok, scroll Instagram, listen to music, connect on Zoom, and check Facebook and LinkedIn. But for serious communications, use (…)

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The Implications of Effortless Looks

We’re all familiar with “fake news,” mostly courtesy of Vladimir Putin’s Russia, but now be prepared for the “fake look,” courtesy of President Joe Biden and former president Donald Trump.

In (…)

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Streaming to Adopt Linear Model?

Despite many recent changes, the streaming business model is still not working. Therefore, it’s time to move streaming closer to the linear model.

In VideoAge‘s June/July 2024 Issue, we will explain (…)

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Bundling Issue for Streamers

After the still unresolved “viewer fatigue” issue streamers now have to confront “bundling” issues. In the “cable era,” consumers liked a-la-carte offerings, and content providers liked bundling. In the “streaming (…)

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No News Is Good News

By Dom Serafini

Recently, while trimming my hair, Boris, my barber in New York City, solemnly announced that he had stopped watching, listening, or reading the news. “It’s too stressful,” he (…)

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