The EV Fiasco Was Predictable: A Cautionary Tale for Streamers

By Dom Serafini

In September 2022, a year before U.S. car executives were looking to cash in on their Electric Vehicle (EV) bets, being a so-called “know-it-all,” I wrote for a (…)

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Major Italian Football League in the Red Sea

If sports TV channels in the U.S. are reportedly in troubled waters, in Italy, football clubs are the ones drowning in the Red Sea. Financial losses are engulfing the Serie (…)

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The Globes’ Voting Process Loses its Opaqueness

By Mike Reynolds

A return of the televised Golden Globe Awards show from Hollywood in January 2024 had many people wondering if the elimination of the organizer, the former Hollywood Foreign (…)

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The London Screenings: My Story

By Dermot Horan*

Well into the early 2000s, content buyers used to go to Brighton, in the U.K., for the BBC Showcase market. It was held in a rather old-fashioned conference (…)

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Cussing: The New Frontier in the Politically Correct Era

On Italian broadcast TV all Dick Wolf series (including Law & Order, FBI, and Chicago PD) get a red dot on the side of the screen, indicating the presence of (…)

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The “Exposure Effect” of “VideoAge”

The “Mere Exposure Effect” is a scientific term for people’s tendency to like things just because they have been exposed to them repeatedly. This term could even be applied to (…)

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Time to Prepare for the L.A. Screenings 2024

It’s February, which means it’s time to talk about the L.A. Screenings. So, here’s a preliminary calendar. The indie portion will start on Tuesday, May 14, with set-up at the (…)

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Predicting The Future is Like Describing the Past

Recently, journalists, commentators, and pundits alike have been warning us not to trust predictions for 2024. Especially those that have anything to do with finances. They seem to agree with (…)

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The Subscription Economy

In addition to CTOs (Chief Technology Officers), CCOs (Chief Content Officers), and CFOs (Chief Financial Officers), SVoD-based companies now have to swap out CEOs (Chief Executive Officers) with CSOs described (…)

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Attending Two Marts: Same City & Dates

Attending two TV content markets in the same city one after the other was a unique experience that NATPE Global and Content Americas recently offered to the international TV sector. (…)

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