A Preview with Yeow Hui Leng, ATF Group Project Director

Water Cooler: What is the mood of the SE Asian TV community?

Yeow Hui Leng: The mood is upbeat, especially with the progressive opening of the various Asian markets starting Q2 (…)

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Russian Propaganda Through the Lines?

Recently, the E.U’s Audiovisual Observatory came out with a 30-page downloadable document to review the “Sanctions law against Russian and Belarusian audiovisual media.” It is a questionable document because, when (…)

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Why We Love to Hate the BBC

By Dom Serafini

The BBC is an organization better yet, an institution that I love to hate. In this respect, I’m like roughly 95 percent (my estimate) of the (…)

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E.U.: Power to Consumers, Not to Hi-Tech

By Dom Serafini

Finally, there’s some semblance of order at least in the E.U. for battery chargers. By the end of 2024, all mobile phones, tablets, and cameras will (…)

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MIP Cancun Not a Prelude to DISCOP Miami

It was on many people’s mind: Will DISCOP Miami (now replacing NATPE Miami) be on a collision course with MIP Cancun? The answer is no, said Patrick Zuchowicki, founder and (…)

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Be Prepared for MIP Cancun’s Seminars

MIP Cancun is known for its LatAm marketplace, but the event’s panels of experts that touch on some of the industry’s most relevant topics are luring many attendees in this (…)

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Many Breaking and Developing Stories

VideoAge‘s November Issue focuses on MIP Cancun, considered by many to be the premier TV market for Latin America. However, that was compared to NATPE, which had diminished in relevance (…)

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A View from an AFM Exhibitor

“It feels good” to be back at a “live” AFM, said Chevonne O’Shaughnessy, co-founder and president of Los Angeles-based film production and distribution company, ACI. But “it’s slow,” she noted. (…)

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Film Festivals and TV Fairs Are Not Compatible

By Dom Serafini

In October, Rome hosted two entertainment events that took place simultaneously but separately. The “first” was the Rome Cinema Festival. And the second was MIA: the International Audiovisual (…)

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Movie Theaters’ Plans: A, B, and C

By Dom Serafini

There are several scenarios for the streaming-cinema debacle that are feasible.

First, the movie theaters could start producing their own movies, and, after a run in their cinemas, give (…)

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