Telephonophobians Use E-Mail

Please continue to use cellular phones to watch videos, link to TikTok, scroll Instagram, listen to music, connect on Zoom, and check Facebook and LinkedIn. But for serious communications, use (…)

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The Implications of Effortless Looks

We’re all familiar with “fake news,” mostly courtesy of Vladimir Putin’s Russia, but now be prepared for the “fake look,” courtesy of President Joe Biden and former president Donald Trump.

In (…)

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Streaming to Adopt Linear Model?

Despite many recent changes, the streaming business model is still not working. Therefore, it’s time to move streaming closer to the linear model.

In VideoAge‘s June/July 2024 Issue, we will explain (…)

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Bundling Issue for Streamers

After the still unresolved “viewer fatigue” issue streamers now have to confront “bundling” issues. In the “cable era,” consumers liked a-la-carte offerings, and content providers liked bundling. In the “streaming (…)

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No News Is Good News

By Dom Serafini

Recently, while trimming my hair, Boris, my barber in New York City, solemnly announced that he had stopped watching, listening, or reading the news. “It’s too stressful,” he (…)

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Integrating TV Sports Coverage With Social Media

By Yuri Serafini*

Of the various kinds of clips that are ubiquitous on social media apps like TikTok and Instagram, many have to do with sports.

In the world of sports, the (…)

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The Power of Tastelessness

To be successful at anything is to understand and leverage people’s lack of taste. This maxim is valid for every sector — from entertainment to food to clothing to showbiz.

On (…)

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L.A. Screenings II: The Studios’ Review

On Monday, May 20, VideoAge‘s Water Cooler attended the studios’ screenings at the Paramount lot, and on Wednesday, May 22, at the Disney lot.

Previously, Lionsgate held a special screening of Hal (…)

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L.A. Screenings: The Studios’ Takes

This year, for several reasons, reps for the U.S. studios were very anxious to take over the L.A. Screenings from the independents. They started on Saturday morning at Paramount. Then (…)

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Upfronts & L.A. Screenings Indies

Entertainment industry execs attended two LATAM Upfront presentations in New York City on Monday, May 13, as well as another the following day, before the action moved to Los Angeles (…)

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