A Mayer Interview You Don’t Want to Miss

You definitely don’t want to miss an exclusive interview with Kevin A. Mayer in the December 2021 Issue of VideoAge.

In March of 2021, Mayer was appointed chairman (…)

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VideoAge’s ATF Issue Will DAZle You

Yes, it’s VideoAge‘s Asia TV Forum (ATF) Issue, but it’s still a festive cornucopia of a December editorial edition, starting with an exclusive interview with Kevin Mayer, chairman of DAZN, (…)

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Alice Donenfeld: Re-sells in a Digital Era is a 0 to 1 Proposition

In the past, most television licenses and sales were made person to person — it was how the industry conducted things for decades. Technology then made the game easier, but (…)

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MIP Cancun Market: So Far So Good

Against all odds — starting with a Cancun that had once been declared a high COVID-19 contamination area but managed to become a safe or “green zone,” to a shootout (…)

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Challenges for TV Writers & Agents at MIP Cancun

Writing talents in Brazil is the topic of the conversation at MIP Cancun on Wednesday, November 17, at 10 a.m. in the Arena Conference room of the Moon Palace Resort. (…)

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LATAM Challenges in VideoAge’s November Issue

Just before MIP Cancun opens its doors at the Moon Palace Resort on November 16 for its latest in-person TV market, reps for NATPE announced that NATPE Miami will also (…)

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MIP Cancun Views from South Cone Buyers

MIP Cancun “is one of the most important markets in the region and in that sense it offers a great opportunity to generate alliances with main partners, not only in (…)

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Preparing for the Las Vegas NAB Show 2022

The 2022 NAB Show, set for April 23–27 at the Las Vegas Convention Center, will feature distinct destinations focused on three main pillars associated with the content lifecycle. Designated “Create,” (…)

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What Buyers are Looking For at MIP Cancun

Ahead of MIP Cancun, VideoAge sampled 10 LATAM buyers (or 10 percent of the expected buyers) from six countries to ascertain the kind of content they’ll be looking for at (…)

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Scenarios for HFPA’s Globes

By Mike Reynolds

News that the Hollywood Foreign Press Association (HFPA) is insisting its 79th annual Golden Globe Awards event will go ahead on January 9, 2022, despite NBC’s refusal to (…)

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