An Inside Look at SPI’s Present & Future Plans

SPI International is working on creating brand-new, innovative, and tailor-made products to fit the demands of ever-changing customer tastes.

As SPI is planning to continue its geographic expansion in the next (…)

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The Italian Eight Percent Tax Dilemma

When a distribution company in the U.S. licenses a program or a movie to any TV outlet in Italy, the content seller can take a reduced eight percent withholding tax (…)

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Russia, China Want Their Own Internet

Russia wanted its own Internet as early as 2017, and now China is developing its own version of the Internet. It won’t be compatible with today’s world’s standards.

In addition to (…)

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Rendez-Vous Biarritz Has Virtually 350 Buyers and 100 Sellers

Here we finally are at this newest edition of Rendez-Vous Biarritz (which opens today and will last until September 9, 2020).

It’s a very special and unique edition, because, for the (…)

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Pedro Simoncini: 1923-2020

By Dom Serafini

Pedro Simoncini was involved with Canal 11, a local TV channel in Buenos Aires, from 1957 until 1993. In 1989, he used the channel as the flagship station (…)

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Festival Directors Meet Live at the Venice Film Fest

Seven artistic directors of the principal European film festivals got together during the opening night of the 77th annual Venice International Film Festival on September 2, 2020 in Sala Grande in the Palazzo del Cinema on the Lido, in representation of (…)

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ATAS, NATAS, IATAS, and the Post-COVID Emmy Phoenix

By Dom Serafini

Three Emmy organizations are at crossroads: one from Los Angeles, and two from New York City. The one from L.A. is the Academy of Television Arts and Sciences (…)

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Irv Holender Relives The TV Industry’s Five Phases As Hall of Fame Honoree

Throughout the years, U.S. film and TV veteran Irv Holender has been involved with over 10 entertainment enterprises, and acquired film and TV libraries from more than 30 companies, some (…)

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The August/September Issue of ‘VideoAge’ Is Out

It only took a three-month gestation period, but the August/September digital and print editions of VideoAge were not born prematurely, but with a full-term 28-page delivery.     From the (…)

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President Trump Ticked Off By TikTok

Lately, China seems to be in the news every day. It’s been there for its Silk Road Initiatives, trade deficits, Huawei’s world domination when it comes to 5G, the COVID-19 (…)

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