Losing the Good Sound of Voices

Where have the great voices of radio and television gone? Nowadays, listening to talk radio, especially National Public Radio stations in the U.S., is painful. Besides the repetitious “you knows” (…)

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The Changing Business of Trade Media

In the golden years of the international TV content business, there were some seven trade publications, of which four were based in the U.S. and the rest were scattered about (…)

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GAP Shows the Way with a Barbie Maven Hire

The GAP is a clothing store chain that went shopping in Hollywood for an executive who might soon lift its image, brand, and sales. In its current fiscal year, GAP (…)

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The Case of the Hollywood Shutdown is Still a Hollywood Mystery 

By Dom Serafini

In the 1967 Mel Brooks’ movie, The Producers, a Broadway show producer explores ways in which he might lose money so that he won’t have to repay his (…)

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Strikers’ Defender Strikes Back at “Nobody Cares” Advocate

By Mike Reynolds

In the July 28th edition of the Wall Street Journal, writer, former high school musician, and onetime actor Matthew Hennessey wrote a piece condemning the entertainment industry for (…)

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Is Summertime More Important in the Northern Hemisphere?

The Northern and the Southern hemispheres share the same time zones, but the calendar schedule is dictated by the Northern part. Does it bother the inhabitants of the Southern Hemisphere (…)

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Euphemisms and Aphorisms Sans Euphoria

By Dom Serafini

I was recently searching among past My2¢ editorials to look for signs of some insightful predictions or analyses I’ve made, or, conversely, to see just how wrong I’ve (…)

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The Arduous Birth of a Film Commission

By Dom Serafini

Film commissions are recognized by cities, regions, and nations worldwide as a tool to promote business and employment in their territories, as well as gain international visibility for (…)

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Musk: The “Unregretted” Genius

Whether Twitter owner Elon Musk is a financial wizard (having built an $8.2 billion Tesla) or someone who has not properly invested his family wealth is still a hotly debated (…)

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The Academy Shouldn’t Decide Genres

By Dom Serafini

Is it drama, comedy, or dramedy? Steve Pond asked this very question in the June 2023 edition of The Wrap as he pondered the tough job facing the (…)

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