DISCOP Miami Takes NATPE’s January Spot and Revitalizes the Market

The Miami TV market in January is alive and well. But it’s not NATPE Miami — it’s DISCOP Miami — and it comes courtesy of the folks who’ve already given (…)

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Streaming To Become the New Box Office

By Dom Serafini

On the strength of my My 2¢ track record, I’m venturing to make a few predictions: Comcast will not be acquiring Warner Bros. Discovery. It’s simply too costly (…)

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A Daily Market Publication As a Symbol of a Rebounding MIPCOM

MIPCOM 2022 was hyped up as the “Mother of all TV Markets,” and even though it didn’t come close to the splendor that was MIPCOM 2019, it was much better (…)

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A+E Networks at MIPCOM With Ratings-Busting Formats 

For VideoAge‘s Water Cooler, Ellen Lovejoy, SVP, Head of Sales, Americas and Formats, for A+E Networks, prepared a first look at the company’s format focus at MIPCOM, and its diverse (…)

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MIA, TUA, and the Others: A Roman AV Extravaganza

By Dom Serafini

The coincidence was humorous. In order to reach Rome, Italy to attend the market MIA, which translates as “mine,” this reporter took a bus from TUA, which translates (…)

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An Edition to Tear Out

Learn all about VideoAge‘s MIPCOM Issue before you head to MIPCOM. Why? First, because it will let you know what to expect while in Cannes. Second, it covers programming trends (…)

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Old Journalism Revisited, But Not Replicated

There is a new book out, Century’s Witness: The Extraordinary Life of Journalist Wallace Carroll, which seeks to remind readers of the tenets that governed journalism in days of yore. (…)

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Asian TV Q&A with Singapore’s Sonia Fleck

In preparation for the Asia TV Forum (ATF) in Singapore this December, and following VideoAge‘s September 19, 2022 Water Cooler feature on South Korea’s international TV successes, VideoAge contacted Sonia (…)

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Casting a Shadow on the ‘Winnie the Pooh’ Brand

By David Pridham* 

When I was a (…)

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The Golden Globes Revisited and Revived

By Mike Reynolds

The Hollywood Foreign Press Association (HFPA) is back in the televised awards show game following an announcement that its 2023 Golden Globe Awards show will air on the (…)

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