Dorothy Crompton: Life in Hollywood Under the Lockdown

I am a single person living alone in Los Angeles, California and I have been in isolation now for three plus weeks prior to it becoming mandatory. I am also (…)

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TV Ratings Go Up, TV Ads Go Down

Consider this: Up until recently, TV advertising rates kept going up and the number of spots increased despite drastic ratings drops. Today, the contrary is true: Advertising spots and rates (…)

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How The Virtual MIP-TV Should Have Been

A virtual market should mirror a live TV trade show. This is the basic premise with which it should be organized.

In order for a virtual MIP-TV to replicate — not (…)

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New U.S. TV Season Production Quarantined

On March 29, the Los Angeles Times ran a front cover story titled: “How COVID-19 changes landscape of TV pilot season.” It is a very timely and informative topic. In (…)

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Live TV Trade Shows: An Update

In order to have the best picture possible of the live trade show season —  which has been mostly rebooted this year — the industry is closely monitoring what will happen (…)

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Cancelled Trade Shows In $, ¢, Streams, and Some History

Since February, market organizers in Asia, Europe, and North America have cancelled or postponed some 500 trade shows and exhibitions in response to the coronavirus pandemic. For the TV sector, (…)

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Despite Challenges ‘VideoAge’ Fulfills its Mission

The printed March/April edition of VideoAge International will reach subscribers across the globe. In the meanwhile, readers can enjoy the Issue’s articles online through text, PDF, and audio versions.

This edition (…)

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The L.A. Screenings Update

Due to the impact and growing concerns around COVID-19, the major U.S. international television distributors (Disney, NBCUniversal, Sony, ViacomCBS and Warner Bros.) have decided to explore alternative options to (…)

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NAB Prepares For its 74th Annual Big Show

The following Water Cooler feature was published prior to the NAB show’s postponement due to coronavirus concerns.

Content professionals from the media, entertainment, and film and TV technology sectors from around (…)

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SeriesMania Strategically Positioned Before MIP-TV

Last year, the Forum part of the SeriesMania festival attracted over 2,700 film and TV industry professionals. This time around, the trade show portion, which has become the premier event (…)

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