A MIP Can-Can in Cancun

The can-can is a festive, high-energy tune that became a popular music-hall dance in the 1840s, and continues to be popular in French cabaret circles to this day. Years ago, the (…)

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AFM Review: Optimism Amid Hardship

On October 31, 2023, opening day of the six-day American Film Market (AFM), attendees had to contend with a noisy strike protest staged by hotel workers at the entrance to (…)

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The Strengths of V Channels, As Explained by Messina

“We don’t let filmmakers spend their money,” said Mario Niccoló Messina at the start of a conversation with VideoAge‘s Water Cooler. “I have financed 200 filmmakers in the last year (…)

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Celebrating the Soul of Romanian Cinema At AFM

Under the Creative Romanian Film Makers banner, 11 Romanian companies are poised to make a significant impact at AFM 2023. These companies represent a cross-section of the Romanian film industry, (…)

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NAB Shows that Broadcast is Still Powerful

NAB Show New York, which began on Tuesday, October 24, 2023, and is ending today, should be celebrating its ninth edition this year, but, since the pandemic led to the (…)

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See Ya at MIP Cancun! Easier Said Than Done

“I’ll see you in about three weeks at MIP Cancun,” said many folks at the end of MIPCOM, including the three TV executives pictured above, who were among the few (…)

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The Sense of MIPCOM 2023

How could this 39th annual MIPCOM be characterized? Looking at the plethora of new trade publications that are being distributed here on top of the large number of already existing (…)

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MIPCOM Day 1: A Floor View

Initial excitement for the market was tempered by the horrific Hamas terrorist attack against Israel. Those executives who had to cancel as a result of this war will be missed.


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MIA Way is the Italian Way for a Trade Show

In its own disorganized way, the ninth annual International Audiovisual Market (MIA in Italian) ended up being functional, well attended, and fruitful for many of its 2,600 participants, including 300 (…)

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Migrating From Social Media to OTT Takes Influencers

These days, in the U.S., it’s nearly impossible to watch TV shows like Entertainment Tonight (on CBS) or Access Hollywood (on NBC) unless you’re next to a 12-year-old. Why? Because (…)

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