My Lost Television Years

By Dom Serafini

I wonder where I was during the fantastic TV programs of the late ’70s and early ’80s. My son also wonders about my whereabouts in the ’90s, otherwise (…)

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The Secret World of Made-For-Streaming Production

By Dom Serafini

What is the business model of a made-for-streaming program? How much it costs is easy to figure out (and is explained at the bottom of this article), but (…)

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Americans Welcomed Back in Europe

On May 30, 2021, 300 Americans from New York City and Atlanta landed in Rome, and on June 9, France also welcomed visitors from the U.S. after more than a (…)

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A New PSA Video: “Any Vaccine Will Do”

By mixing the music of Vivaldi’s Four Seasons and the Matador’s Espana Cani, three VideoAge operatives have created a public service announcement (PSA) video to promote vaccination around the world with the advice, “Take the (…)

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Screamers Before The Streamers

By Dom Serafini

When the television industry was a product of “Main Street,” and making billions in the international arena, the sector was populated by “screamers,” executives who liked to yell (…)

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The BBC Under Attack: An Analysis

By Dom Serafini

The BBC, the U.K.’s public broadcast system, has two components: a bureaucratic and inadequate management and a respected and objective news staff. Now the news staff is under (…)

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Remembering All Our Former Friends & Colleagues

Those we loved don’t go away

They walk beside us every day

Unseen, unheard but always near

Still loved, still missed & very dear 

(Poem by Richard Milnes)

The 17th annual Veterans Luncheon, like last year’s 16th edition, was celebrated (…)

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What the U.S. Studios Are Up To

Leafing through the May/June 2021 Issue of VideoAge, readers will notice that TV sales executive rosters have been reduced at some of the Hollywood studios. They will also notice the (…)

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My Take on the Warner and AT&T Sagas

By Dom Serafini

The news is still reverberating around the world as a sort of Shakespearean Comedy of Errors seems to be coming to life. Discovery is paying AT&T $43 billion (…)

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Albert Whitman Media: A New Old Kid On The Block

By Attila Gazdag*

It was a logical move for the Park Ridge, Illinois-based Albert Whitman & Company to expand into all media platforms with the establishment of Albert Whitman Media. The (…)

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