NAB Prepares For its 74th Annual Big Show

The following Water Cooler feature was published prior to the NAB show’s postponement due to coronavirus concerns.

Content professionals from the media, entertainment, and film and TV technology sectors from around (…)

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SeriesMania Strategically Positioned Before MIP-TV

Last year, the Forum part of the SeriesMania festival attracted over 2,700 film and TV industry professionals. This time around, the trade show portion, which has become the premier event (…)

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MIP-TV Buyers’ Survey: But Will They Be There?

The question everyone seems to be asking is: “Will the content buyers go to MIP-TV?” Some sellers seem to have pre-determined that many buyers’ simply won’t go. But it is (…)

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Michael Starr: A Registered Nurse Turned Film Director

Cicada Song, the feature film and directorial debut of Michael Starr, was recently acquired by Indie Rights Movies for platform streaming on Amazon, Apple TV, and Google Play. A home (…)

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Znaimer in the Hall of Fame: A TV Visionary of the Past Keeps the Future in Mind

It’s not known if Moses Znaimer ever collaborated with Marshall McLuhan, but it seems clear that after the death of the Canadian media philosopher in 1980, Znaimer took his mantle, (…)

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Ellen Baine Ends Her TV Season in March

At the end of March, Ellen J. Baine, a legendary former programming executive for Canada’s CHUM, is retiring as vp of Programming for the Toronto-based Hollywood Suites, a company she (…)

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London Screenings In the Year of Brexit

E.U. buyers, as well as American and British distributors, will experience firsthand the initial consequences of Brexit at the BBC Showcase, which is set for February 9-12 in Liverpool, and (…)

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NATPE 2020 Photo Review: Not Roaring, But Growling ’20s

“It’s so cold in Florida that the weather service warns of falling frozen iguanas,” read a Miami Herald headline on Wednesday, January 22, the second day of the NATPE Miami (…)

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NATPE: Present & Future Revealed

While here at NATPE Miami, VideoAge is monitoring several developments simultaneously: NATPE expectations, the London TV Screenings (and the BBC Showcase), MIP-TV, and the L.A. Screenings.

The latest news on the (…)

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NATPE 2020 as seen in 2011

At NATPE 2020, the international TV industry will celebrate NATPE 2011 as the year that saved the premier U.S. trade show for buying and selling TV content. Indeed, this year (…)

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