ATF 2019 Got Mixed Reviews: A Photo Report

The Asia TV Forum (ATF) opened its doors on December 4, 2019 — the same day that CBS re-merged with Viacom after a 14-year separation. The photo above, which depicts (…)

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Yes, Reality TV Concepts Can Be Protected: An Expert View

By Steven Lowe*

Current “idea theft” and copyright laws provide different methods of protection for reality television concepts. However, there are some measures to be taken in order to be afforded (…)

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Robert Chua Int’l TV Hall of Fame Honoree

Veteran TV broadcaster, producer, satellite TV pioneer, and content distributor Robert Chua has been tapped as VideoAge‘s International TV Distribution Hall of Fame honoree for the January 2020 (NATPE Miami) (…)

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MIP Cancun 2019 Was Spectacular and Eventful: A Photo Review

It’s hard to tell yet if this year’s MIP Cancun was a success in terms of sales. However, what is clear is that this recent three-day edition of MIP in (…)

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Film Commissions Hand Out Money at the AFM

At the recently concluded 40th annual American Film Market (AFM), which ran from November 6 to 13, the various film commissions present stole the show with their sheer promotional presence. (…)

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What’s in store in VideoAge’s November Issue

In preparation for MIP Cancun and DISCOP, VideoAge is now offering online its printed Issue that will be distributed at both concurrent markets (before being mailed).

What readers will see are (…)

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Mediaset Italia’s Dual Anniversary Celebrations

After celebrating Mediaset Italia’s 10th anniversary during the recently concluded MIPCOM in Cannes, a delegation of Mediaset’s Italian international channel flew from Rome to Washington, D.C. as one of the (…)

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Abruzzo Film’s Board Introduced at the AFM

The promotional campaign launched by Italy’s Abruzzo region to bring its audiovisual talents back to the region has begun, and Hollywood is its main target.

The campaign to reach the Mecca (…)

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Romania’s Big Cashback For Int’l Productions

As a result of the lobby activities of various Romanian film industry organizations since the end of 2018, including the Creative Romanian Film Makers Association, the Romanian Government has approved a (…)

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Banjiro “Banji” Uemura 1929-2019

Banjiro “Banji” Uemura, the founder and former chairman of Tohokushinsha, passed away peacefully in Tokyo on Tuesday, October 15, with his family present. He was 90 years old. He retired (…)

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