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Joan (drama)
Joan is a powerful female story inspired by the life of the UK’s most notorious jewel thief, Joan Hannington, and set in the fun, brash, aspirational world of 1980s London.

Protection (thriller)
A tautly written thriller from New Pictures starring Happy Valley’s Siobhan Finneran as a witness protection officer whose key witness is shot in an attack leaving her to with many questions to answer for. With a captivating mystery at its core, this new series delves into the morally complex world of witness protection, inspired by experiences of a veteran witness protection officer.

Out There (drama)
Martin Clunes stars as a farmer and a single parent living in rural Wales. He believes he has a firm grip on life – his teenage son, Johnny, his farm and his community. But when drug gangs arrive and dark forces begin seeping into his rural community, he must learn the rules of this startling new world and fight back.

Race Across the World (Format) (factual entertainment, travel)
Leaving behind their smartphones, internet access and bank cards, five intrepid duos battle it out in a breath-taking race across several countries that will push their physical and emotional limits.

The Accidental President (premium factual, documentary)
This feature-length documentary follows the incredible story of the Belarusian opposition who unbowed by deadly threats from her powerful political rival, became a beacon of hope for change in her country.

Olivia Atwood: The Price of Perfection (documentary, health and wellness)
Frank, funny and relatable, this series lifts the lid on our search for the perfect body.

The Underdog (entertainment, game show)
A first-of-its-kind reality format follows a larger-than-life cast compete in what they believe is a traditional popularity contest, unaware that the competition is being controlled by a group of celebrities, playing their own game to make sure the underdog in the group emerges as the winner.

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Farah (drama) (pictured)
An Iranian woman who ran away from her country to live in Istanbul, works as a cleaning lady in order to afford her son’s medical treatments, but she soon turns into a mafia accomplice.

Ego (drama)
When Erhan asks for money from his father-in-law Burhan to invest on the stock market, things turn for the worse and Erhan loses all the money. Meanwhile, Sibel, of the wealthy Koraslan family, learns that if she doesn’t have a baby soon, she will never be able to bear children. Erhan’s and Sibel’s lives will change when Sibel decides to get pregnant with Erhan’s baby and make an indecent proposal in the amount of 3 million.

Adela (drama)
Adela and Andreea were raised by Nuti and Mitu in a slum near Bucharest. One day, when Adela’s biological grandfather decides to repair past mistakes, her secret identity is revealed. However, before bringing Adela to her real father, the old man dies and Nuti and Mitu burry him in the garden. With this new opportunity, Nuti and Mitu send their own daughter Andreea in Adela’s place, since the Adela’s real father is a powerful media mogul.

Indefensible (crime drama)
The combative, endearing team of criminal lawyers at Lapointe-Macdonald Law Firm are passionate about justice. Viewers will be captivated by the touching and disturbing causes they defend as well as by their personal, ethical, emotional, and psychological issues.

Alert Squad (crime drama)
Every single minute counts when the Missing Persons Unit works a case. Driven by hope, bound by courage and determination, the team investigates with one clear objective: to recover the missing alive.

No Trespassing (crime drama)
Dejan Matić decides to leave his architectural bureau and move to home village Dol. Despite his daughter Miona’s resistance, he hopes to separate his daughter from bad company and habits and to renew their closeness. In Dol, Uncle helps them adapt to their new environment and introduces them to the conflict dividing Dol: wealthy entrepreneur Maksa wants to cut down a forest to build a hotel complex.

Tycoon (action)
Vladan Simonović is a tycoon, hated in Serbia because of the wealth he gained during the disintegration of Yugoslavia in the 1990s. As a persecuted man, he is forced to take drastic measures to preserve himself and his company. In addition to his public and secret enemies, he is in conflict with his son and the rest of the family, which is only kept together by his wealth.

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Love and Pride (drama)
The Köksoy family are on the verge of losing everything. When Tolga, heir to a wealthy family, enters their lives, they plot how one of their three daughters might marry him. Eldest daughter Mercan rebels against the idea, despite Tolga and Mercan being attracted to each other. However, the middle daughter, Gül desires Tolga too. When Tolga shifts his focus from Mercan to Gül, they drift towards marriage.

Deception (drama)
Güzide Yenersoy, a family court judge, seems to have it all: a loving lawyer husband, Tarik; a successful son, Ozan; and a daughter, Oylum, who is studying to be a doctor. But beneath the surface, buried secrets threaten to turn Güzide’s picture-perfect life upside down. First, Ozan gets himself in trouble with a bad investment. Then Oylum decides to give up medicine to instead pursue her dream of modern dance. And worst of all, Tarik, her supposedly loving spouse, has a second family. When all that is uncovered, Güzide must confront the reality that her entire life has been a lie.

Leylifer (drama)
Meryem travels to Istanbul with her husband Kemal and children for his sister’s wedding. However, their plans to return to their home in Spain are abruptly disrupted when Kemal goes missing and is later found dead in a burned-out car with a woman Meryem has never met. Believing that Kemal was murdered, Meryem vows to stay in Istanbul until she finds his killer. However, she must navigate a new life in a foreign land, among a family who is wary of her and a community who struggles to accept her.

Poison Ivy (drama)
When Macide, who hails from a poor family, falls in love with Kazım Işık, a successful married businessman, she’s thrilled to learn that he loves her back. But will he be able to protect her from the cruelty of the people in the rich and powerful life that he created for himself? And will Macide be able to preserve the purity, innocence, and sensitivity she had when she first met Kazım?

Like There’s No Tomorrow (romance)
When actress Manolya meets journalist Hakan for an interview, both their lives change. In the brief time together, they share secrets they have never shared with anyone else. As Manolya and Hakan grow closer while discussing love, hate, relationships, sex, and jealousy, they try to establish honest and open communication, only to realize that it’s not as easy as it seems.

Scorpion (drama)
Perihan Emgen, her daughter, grandchildren, and her son-in-law, Firket, all live comfortably under the same roof due to Perihan clawing her way to the top. Ferda, who was abandoned by Perihan, runs a hair salon with her. Ferda blames her mother’s abandonment for all of her troubles. In a quest for revenge, Ferda has an affair with Firket, her step-sister’s husband. She is determined to take the life that was taken from her. And while doing so, she accidentally causes her sister’s death, which changes everyone’s lives forever.

The Trusted (drama)
Ex-solder Marashli opens a bookstore to spend more time with his sick daughter. His life changes when the beautiful Mahur Turel walks in. From now on the destiny of the two characters will be interwoven. Marashli is soon hired to be her bodyguard. On this journey, Marashli will become her closest ally, the person whom she trusts the most, and her lover. That is until she finds out who Marashli really is…

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The Family Burden (drama)
After twenty years in prison for a crime she didn’t commit, Melike seeks to reunite with her daughter Hazal, only to find herself entangled in a web of lies. As she uncovers the truth and the real killer, she also struggles to reclaim her daughter, who believes another woman is her mother. The series delves into the complex mother-daughter relationship amidst a tangled web of secrets and deception.

Secret of Pearls (drama)
Azem’s life shatters when he takes the blame for his wife’s death to protect his daughter. After prison, he seeks his adopted children, navigating complex relationships, but time has taken its toll.

A Father’s Promise (drama)
In 1980’s political turmoil, Mustafa sacrifices to save his wife, leaving his daughter with the wealthy Ronas. A poignant tale unfolds as he reunites, facing dangers and love’s resilience.

Daylight (drama)
Gece’s summer dreams of university and music in Istanbul are disrupted when her family moves to Foça for her sister Gülce’s special needs. A tale of love, maturity, and unexpected challenges unfolds.

Farewell Letter (drama)
Alanur’s life, dependent on Ziya, takes an unexpected turn after 30 years. As their children, Aslı and Mehmet, navigate love and family opposition, hidden connections from the past resurface.

Three Sisters (drama)
After living their fairytale family life, three sisters — Türkan, Dönüş, and Derya — will all face harsh realities. Turkan learns that her husband accepted their marriage without his consent. Meanwhile, Dönüş and Derya will see their lives turn upside down due to a secret from the past.

That Girl (drama)
Zeynep aspires to be a social media influencer to escape poverty while caring for her childlike father. Unexpected connections unravel as she works in influencer Ozan’s house, encountering businesswoman Sitare.

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Amandaland (comedy)
This Motherland spin-off follows snobby Amanda as she navigates a new school and new circle of competitive moms.

Fake (drama) (pictured)
In love’s pursuit, writer Birdie Bell falls for a wealthy grazier Joe. Amid passion’s highs and suspicion’s lows, she navigates Joe’s complex past, avoiding a perilous trap in his idyllic promises.

Love Rat (thriller)
50-year-old Emma’s romance with charming Niko in Cyprus turns dark when he vanishes with a significant loan from her, leading her into a harrowing quest for justice.

Borderline (drama)
When crimes straddle the Ireland-Northern Ireland border, PSNI’s Detective Inspector Boyd and Garda’s Detective Inspector Regan begrudgingly team up to solve brutal murders, navigating personal and professional clashes along the way.

Dark City: The Cleaner (thriller)
Joe leads a double life as “The Christchurch Carver,” using his job as a police cleaner to stay ahead of detectives until a copycat killer and a new avenger threaten his carefully constructed facade.

Married to the Game (unscripted)
Unprecedented access to the lives of the wives and girlfriends of Premier League footballers during the summer break and the transfer window.

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Cold Betrayal (2024) (thriller)
After double-crossing the New York mob, a woman returns to Long Island with her girlfriend to enlist the help of her estranged criminal father in unloading the drugs. However, she soon realizes that things have changed in the fifteen years she’s been away. As she delves into the past, she uncovers deep dark secrets of murder and betrayal that set her on a path of revenge against her own family.

Construction (2024) (comedy, romance)
A working-class dreamer in the heart of New York City finds love and redemption on his journey to the Broadway stage, while his lifelong friends, whose youthful dreams have faded, discover the magic of reinvention through the power of love.

SK8FACE (2024) (documentary) (pictured)
The first documentary focused on the history of skateboard art, starring Tony Hawk, Shepard Fairey, Tommy Guerrero, and many famous artists and skaters. Skateboards are now a revered medium in the art world, hanging in museums and galleries worldwide, and continue to have a profound influence on modern pop culture. This title is especially relevant this year as skateboarding is an official sport at the Paris 2024 Olympics and will be in the zeitgeist more than ever.

Tokyo Giant: The Legend of Victor Starffin (2024) (documentary, history, sport)
As a child, Victor Starffin fled the Russian Revolution and settled in Japan, where he grew up to find success as a baseball superstar. However, he constantly battled to overcome many hardships such as poverty, xenophobia, and a world war. Starffin is survived by his two daughters who take us on a wild ride of shifting identities, international rivalries, tragic love, and one heck of a fastball.

Garrett Gunderson: The American Ream (2024) (comedy)
The New York Times and Wall Street Journal bestselling author, Garett Gunderson and Emmy winning producer Marty Callner, present a unique special from Gunderson’s multi-city sold out tour.  Gunderson’s comedic prowess meets financial expertise as he breaks down money myths and delivers his insightful and entertaining perspective on financial matters covering topics from Wall Street to retirement, and cryptocurrency.

South African TV Series (TV series)
Features Desert Rose and Devilsdorp. Desert Rose (2022) is set on a remote farm in South Africa’s Namaqualand desert, where The Greyling siblings reunite when one of them breaks a decade-long deal to settle their father’s debts. With a ruthless debt collector on their tail, the family the family must locate their elusive father quickly or come up with the money before the debt collector and his thugs take them down. Devilsdorp (2021) is a true-crime docuseries about a spate of brutal and mysterious killings that grip a rural town in South Africa. The investigation leads detectives to a Satan-influenced ‘cult of killers’ and unravels the events that rocked an entire community.

Academy Award Winning Collection (collection)
Features One Day in September (4K), Dangerous Moves (4K), Black and White in Color (4K), Sky Above, Mud Below (4K), Genocide (HD), and The Long Way Home (4K).

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The Slave Isaura (period telenovela) (pictured)
Based on the 1875 novel by Bernardo Guimarães, the telenovela portrays a beautiful love story. Isaura is the daughter of the slave Juliana and the farm manager, Despite her excellent education and fair skin, Isaura is a slave to the Commander, and in the midst of suffering for her freedom, strives for love.

Topíssima (telenovela)
Sheds light on the conflicts of modern women: work versus love life; independence versus loneliness; motherhood versus career; aging versus aesthetics; illegality of abortion versus death, among others. The series also features a police investigation full of twists and turns.

Ultimate Love (telenovela)
Everyone would like to experience – or has imagined experiencing – a love story capable of overcoming any difference, prejudice or obstacle imaginable. This sentiment often arises in the most unexpected places and in even unlikely people. But when love proves to be true, nothing can stop it from uniting two lovers.

Belaventura (telenovela)
Set in the Middle Ages, around the 15th century, in a beautiful and fictional region known as Belaventura. The story revolves around Pietra, a beautiful young woman who lives outside the castles of Belaventura, and Enrico, a prince who inherited a great kingdom. The story is full of emotional transformations where one person will find in the other what is missing in their lives.

The Slave Mother (telenovela)
The Slave Mother is the prequel to The Slave Isaura. It tells the story of Juliana, Isaura’s mother, who lives an intense love story and is faced with powerful enemies and obstacles. In an era that lives in the shadow of slavery, but the force of love always wins!

The Hospital (documentary series)
Documents the day-to-day life in a hospital that treats complex cases. The series shows the exciting dilemmas hidden behind the routine of doctors and patients who make the heart beat faster.

La Bestia (documentary series)
For 21 days, the Record TV Team followed families who crossed Central America clandestinely, fleeing poverty and violence from armed groups, heading to United States. The series depicts a long and dangerous journey on the so-called “Death Train” or “ La Bestia”, in search of the American Dream.

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Dark Parasite (horror) (pictured)
A group of robbers takes refuge in a rundown suburban apartment. They don’t know that a telepathic alien resides in the basement.

Live Escape (horror)
Cops explore a creepy shelter, encounter zombies, and uncover the origin. The danger lies in the potential escape of zombies into the city.

Rust 3 (horror)
Seven years after Hotel Fear, Heather faces its reopening and Travis’s return. She fights for survival.

Stranger (horror)
John and Rebecca seek tranquility in a cabin, where a stranger’s dangerous obsession will soon force them into a deadly game.

The Legend Of Jack And Diane (drama, thriller)
Jack and Diane uncover secrets about Diane’s mother’s death, prompting them to create a “Hit List” and seek revenge on those responsible.

Washerwoman (horror)
Alone in the wilderness, a pregnant woman must navigate a forest inhabited by a Banshee.

Where Are You? (drama, mystery, thriller)
A photographer’s turmoil strains love. A mysterious disappearance pushes him into a mental descent, seeking his disappeared girlfriend and himself.

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