What to Watch on Streaming Takes Stamina

Add another to the ever-growing list of problems afflicting streaming services (which include the proliferation of platforms, high churn rates, too many shared accesses, high costs, garbled sound, and unsustainable (…)

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A Preview of VideoAge’s Studio-LATAM L.A. Screenings Issue

The list of new pilots to be distributed by the studios, what to expect at the first in-person L.A. Screenings since the pandemic, the exhibiting companies at the Century Plaza, (…)

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MIP Africa to Replicate MIP Cancun

A new TV market is coming — thanks to RX Africa, part of the RX Group that includes RX France, which organizes, MIPTV, MIP China, MIPCOM, and MIP Cancun.

MIP Africa’s (…)

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Las Vegas’ In-person NAB Shows Problems, Solutions

From April 23 to 27, Las Vegas welcomed 52,468 registered attendees at the NAB Show, including 940 exhibitors. The attendee count was 50 percent lower than it was in 2019 (…)

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L.A. Screenings 2022 Are On The Way

Suites at the Fairmont Century Plaza: Check. Studio calendars: Check. Exhibiting indie companies: Check. Top acquisition executives attending: Check. New TV series to screen for international licensing: Check. VideoAge‘s L.A. (…)

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The Art of Film Restoration

“One of the exciting aspects I love about my job is seeing when star-driven but relatively unknown titles we’ve acquired get published,” said Jesse Baritz, vp of Acquisition and Development (…)

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Propaganda vs. Information

By definition, “propaganda” is a byproduct of dictatorships (like in Russia and China), while “information” is associated with democracies. “Information” depends on checks and balances from various sources. “Propaganda” is (…)

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Blockchain Executives React to VideoAge’s NFT Article

Regarding VideoAge‘s April 2022 NFTs (Non Fungible Tokens) story, Isla Perfito, CEO of Sator.io* (pictured above at right), and Chris Martin, president of Sator.io (pictured at left), sent the following (…)

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All Is Set For the L.A. Screenings 2022: Hotel, Indie Exhibitors, Studios

So far, over 30 confirmed exhibitors — some with multiple suites — will be setting up shop at the Century Plaza Hotel for the indie portion of the L.A. Screenings, (…)

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Liquid Media’s Ron Thomson on Blockchain’s Content Evolution

“The entertainment sector is going through a fundamental shift,” said Ron Thomson, CEO of Canadabased Liquid Media from Cannes during MIPTV, where he was promoting blockchain technology to aid independent (…)

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