Italian Film Fest Organizers Gear Up For In-Person Events

The 69th annual edition of the Trento Film Festival began in person on April 30. Coincidentally, that was around the same time that results of a survey about the future (…)

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Milan, Italy to New York JFK on a Delta Flight

By Dom Serafini

The saga to my inbound flight to New York’s JFK airport began at Milan’s Central railroad station, where, in order to board the train to the Malpensa airport (…)

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NYC-Rome on a COVID-Free Flight: A Report

The most important tool that passengers should take on COVID-free flights from New York City’s JFK airport to Rome, Italy, is a… pen, and you’ll soon see why.

Let’s start with (…)

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Gadgets and Souvenirs at the L.A. Screenings

Traditionally, the many venues of the L.A. Screenings have been great places for international content buyers to collect gadgets and souvenirs from the studios. Indeed, how often have VideoAge‘s observers (…)

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Recalling 10 Years at the L.A. Screenings with Disney: 2010-2019

VideoAge recorded the active involvement of Disney’s LATAM division at the L.A. Screenings since 2002, however, the publication’s reporters have been attending their screenings since 2003, when the department was (…)

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Looking back at the L.A. Screenings: Welcome Signs

Welcome signs are popular decorations at the L.A. Screenings. The above photo montage depicts some examples of the signs and banners seen at the Hollywood studios between 2008 and 2019 (…)

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SPI: The Ultimate Content Hub For Audiences, Distributors

SPI International is working diligently to create cutting-edge products that aim to provide a well-rounded entertainment experience for the increasingly tech-savvy consumer while making quality content easier to access and (…)

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Challenges, Controversies, Pilots & New TV Sales Models

Dan Cohen opened up his books and his mind for VideoAge‘s April Issue, which is linked with the virtual MIP-TV event taking place April 12-14 in a place called cyberspace. (…)

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Inspiring New Stories From ACI

Content buyers should check out Finding Love in Mountain View, an ACI INSPIRES original premiering on the Hallmark Channel in October 2021.

Founded by George Shamieh and Chevonne O’Shaughnessy, American Cinema (…)

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The Age of Censorship

By Dom Serafini

The late U.S. president Ronald Reagan used to tell and retell a joke about an American bragging to a Russian about the fact that he could pay a (…)

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