Canal 9 In A Tango Dispute

In November it was reported that Argentine broadcaster Canal 9 had been sold to Grupo Octubre, which is led by trade unionist and businessman Víctor Santamaría (who’s close to Argentine (…)

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The Challenges Facing MIP-TV

Whether we like it or not, MIP-TV in all its virtual charm — will take place April 12-16.

As usual, the market’s organizers are putting together a program and a (…)

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A “Fire” Chat with Howard Gordon, Part II

By Mike Reynolds

Picking up from VideoAge‘s Water Cooler feature, published on December 17, 2020.

Since COVID hit, Hollywood producer Howard Gordon (pictured above) has noted that, “there’s a lot of talk (…)

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NATPE Review: The Surprising & The Baffling

According to some of the exhibitors interviewed for VideoAge‘s January NATPE-timed Issue, preparing for a virtual market still takes lots of time, which begged the (…)

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American, Swiss Team Up To Buy Italian Soccer Team

By Yuri Serafini

New Yorker Matt Rizzetta joined a score of other American owners of soccer clubs in Italy, having just purchased SS Campobasso, a club that plays in the Serie (…)

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NATPE Miami Made to Appreciate the BC Way

NATPE Miami is here. Actually, it’s anywhere we want it to be. It can “take place” at our offices, our homes, or even on the train. It’s virtual, yet it (…)

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Turkey’s Kanal D Looks Back and Thinks Forward

By Kerim Emrah Turna*

When we were making our plans during the last quarter of 2019, we were expecting a tough 2020, but we couldn’t have predicted how tough the year would (…)

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The Year in Review: VideoAge’s Year-end Summary

The year that just passed will most likely be remembered as the worst year since the World War II period, and almost comparable to the horrid 1915-1919 era when both (…)

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U.S. TV Nets’ Ratings Go Down, Ads Not So Much

The pandemic has been more equal for some than for others. Case in point: ratings for the major U.S. TV networks have been down, but their ad revenue earnings did (…)

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Streaming Services: The Writing is On The Wall

“Everyone writes on the walls, but me,” read graffiti in ancient Pompeii. We at the Water Cooler feel similarly these days in that it seems like everyone is writing about (…)

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