The “House of Gucci” Syndrome Hits the “Ferrari” Film

It is called the House of Gucci Syndrome, and it seemingly affects many movies in Hollywood. Named for the 2021 MGM film House of Gucci, directed by Ridley Scott, the (…)

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AI: What, How, and Why to Regulate

The benefits of AI are known — or mostly known — since it’s impossible to anticipate all of its future benefits. The abuses are also mostly known — and include (…)

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OTT.X Summit Takes Hollywood

“We have five people at the OTT Conference,” said Irv Holender, chairman of the Los Angeles-based Multicom, adding that “there are over 500 people at the Skirball Center in Bel (…)

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Studios Fight with Cable for a New Vision

Fighting on three fronts could potentially be detrimental to Disney. On the western front, the studio is fighting both Hollywood’s directors’ union and the writers’ guild. The battleground is over (…)

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Reality TV Casting Consultants Want to Be Loved

Earlier this year, The Wall Street Journal published a half-page article about hiring a consultant in order to be cast on a reality TV show. This trigged VideoAge’s curiosity, so (…)

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It’s August, Time for MIP Africa and the Venice Film Fest

Enough with the scorching summer weather in the North! Let’s move to the Southern hemisphere for some refreshing weather! The MIP Africa market is approaching and even though Cape Town, (…)

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Our Favorite Whine Is “I Wanna Go to Miami,” but …

Today is August 24, which means it’s time to talk about Miami 2024. Yes, the Floridabased TV market is five months away — 145 days if we’re talking about NATPE (…)

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Upbeat Trade Show Outlook, Despite All

By Mike Reynolds

To the casual observer, international TV markets — MIPCOM, MIP Cancun, AFM and ATF — look to be facing tough times. But incredibly, even this far out for (…)

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Losing the Good Sound of Voices

Where have the great voices of radio and television gone? Nowadays, listening to talk radio, especially National Public Radio stations in the U.S., is painful. Besides the repetitious “you knows” (…)

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The Changing Business of Trade Media

In the golden years of the international TV content business, there were some seven trade publications, of which four were based in the U.S. and the rest were scattered about (…)

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