Cover Stories


  1. The fate of U.S. FTA TV rests in two actions. The next-generation DTTV standard is on its U.S. track
  1. Book Review: Forecasters replaced by superforecasters. Failure is not tolerated in this field
  1. Discop Istanbul’s content preview
  1. Market Report: NATPE is a growing market with plenty of room to grow
  1. Mastering 4K lingo
  1. Selling, airing, storing, scaling 4K content ain’t easy, but doable
  1. Event planner and travel news. Look at MIP-TV and L.A. Screenings new dates
  1. My2¢: Now we know with mathematical accuracy that FTA TV will last at least another 20 years. The probability is only 50 percent, but it’s better than the imminent doomsday predictions of the naysayers.
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