Cover Stories


  1. World: Italy, U.S., U.K., Australia, India
  1. Book Review: A Lynchian director From Another Place. Could it be Twin Peaks?
  1. MIP-TV Preview: Business talk wins over floor business. “Light” studio presence good for indies
  1. DISCOP Istanbul: The Turkish backlash could undermine the market
  1. Int’l TV Distribution Hall of Fame. Reiner Moritz: Arts & music have been his beat from Germany and U.K.
  1. Some U.S. TV pilots are out of the hangars earlier than usual for the 2016-2017 season
  1. Italian TV love affairs: Television before and after Netflix. The Italian “traditional” TV universe in figures
  1. Company Profile: Breakthrough Entertainment in an evolving Canadian media scene
  1. Calendar of events, dates to remember and travel news
  1. My2¢: Pity program buyers who have split personalities as a job requirement. Critics have to deal with audience tastes and appreciate the production values of shows.
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