April 2016

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April 2016

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Reiner Moritz: Arts and Music Have Been His Beat, From Germany, U.K.

When Reiner Moritz, now world-renowned for his arts programs, was working for Leo Kirch’s Beta Film in Munich, he was a chain smoker. One day Reiner couldn’t smoke all day; (…)

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April 2016

Pity program buyers for whom split personalities are a job requirement. Fortunately, this critic doesn’t have to deal with audience tastes, but can just appreciate the production value of shows. It wasn’t an easy task at first, but time served as a teacher.


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Formats: Unloved By The Law, Loved By Viewers

It is, perhaps, a revealing testament to the true nature of the television business that, despite the refusal of courts on either side of the Atlantic and Pacific to recognize (…)

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Sports in All Television Forms is Going Through A Change — $50 Billion Worth of Change

Sports on television is big business worldwide. It has the most complex license fee structure of all TV content. Sports TV licensing is going through a structural change because of (…)

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European Fiction Is Becoming An American Drama

The international television business was founded on the sale of U.S. dramas — initially feature films, but primetime TV drama quickly followed. So, it is no surprise that, from the (…)

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