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Bert Cohen’s Worldvision: After Seven Owners, Its Success Became Its Downfall

In his business life, Bertram (later legally changed to Bert) Howard Cohen was an involuntary witness to several defining television industry moments, in the sense that he was in the (…)

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John Laing: Crisscrossing The World With a RoboCop Promo Under His Arm

It was a big mistake to ask John Franklin Scott Laing, the founding general manager of the Los Angeles-based Rallie LLC, how he managed to speak five languages since he (…)

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Joe Wallach: Political Intrigue Did Not Undermine His TV Challenges

When Joseph “Joe” Wallach was working at Brazil’s Globo TV in the 1960s, he had a reputation for being unstoppable. Even now, before speaking to VideoAge at the “mature” age (…)

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Irv Holender: A Mensch Who Harvests Libraries
And Sells Product Internationally

U.S. film and TV veteran Irving (Irv) Holender began his career in the entertainment industry as an intern at Desilu Studios in Hollywood in 1966. He was 21 years old (…)

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Moses Znaimer: A New McLuhan, But With a Mission To Reinvent Television

Moishe (Moses) Znaimer is a media entrepreneur, media executive, media innovator, TV host, producer, content distributor, actor, TV historian, TV museum curator, TV philosopher, and prophet, who has been influencing (…)

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Robert Chua: Sharing Life, TV Biz With Wife Peggy in Hong Kong

In 2015, veteran TV broadcaster, producer, satellite TV pioneer, and content distributor Robert Chua Wah-Peng decided to write a 130-page self-published book to commemorate his 50 years in the TV (…)

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Movies in Greece Were Theo Kouroglou’s Life Until He “Moved” To the TV Biz

Many international film-TV executives would be startled to learn that what contributed to the media fortunes of two Greek families — the Kouroglou clan and the Triantafyllis tribe — was (…)

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Richard Milnes’ Story Is Full of Intrigue, Name Changes, and California Dreamin’

To paraphrase Dante’s Divine Comedy, “in the midway” of his career in the television content distribution business, Richard Christopher Milnes found himself in a “gloomy wood” of intrigue and secrecy. (…)

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Rosario Ponzio: Beating the Drums in Italy While Beating the Odds in L.A.

Rosario Ponzio epitomizes the golden era of Italian television — the period between 1979 and 1989 when Silvio Berlusconi’s private TV channels dominated the Italian and international markets and when (…)

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Anthony D. Friscia: The “Ultimate” Studio Warrior

Tony Friscia is the “father” of the “ultimates,” a tool to guide content sales for the U.S. studios. His contribution was making the distribution business into… a business. Throughout his (…)

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