October 2020

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With Americans Gone,
MIPCOM Goes Virtual

Up until September 10, all seemed to be proceeding as scheduled with the live MIPCOM event. However, three elements contributed to the announcement — made 30 days before the TV (…)

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Production Blueprint: Preparations, Safety, Co-productions, Technology, Flexibility

Within the entertainment industry, halting production was one thing but re-starting will be another. Calls across every strata of the industry in France, Germany, and the U.K., resulted in a (…)

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2021: The Future Is Closer Than You Think.
Hopes, Expectations

The joke (and by now we need some humor!) is that in the year 1720 the world was hit by the Bubonic plague, that 1820 saw an outbreak of Asiatic (…)

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October 2020

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Irv Holender: A Mensch Who Harvests Libraries
And Sells Product Internationally

U.S. film and TV veteran Irving (Irv) Holender began his career in the entertainment industry as an intern at Desilu Studios in Hollywood in 1966. He was 21 years old (…)

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October 2020

It’s nearly impossible to write TV comedies these days because cussing has become the only accepted form of humor. It’s almost as though it’s more polite to be impolite.


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