September 2023

In the U.S., Canada only makes news due to unwelcome winter chills that drift south or as smoke from forest fires blankets U.S .cities for days. Under normal circumstances, Canada is politely ignored in the U.S. But now, Canada is “Politely Kicking Ass.”


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June-July 2023

To determine if a company is financially sound and solidly well run, the litmus test is simple: leaf through the trade press. If you see their ads, there’s money behind them. If you don’t see ads, there is only smoke and mirrors.


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May 2023

If you wonder why the building of large projects tends to go over budget, over time, and over expectations, a new book is attempting to explain it. Separately, I’ll attempt to explain why SVoD as intended today is a losing proposition compared to the introduction of other capital-intensive utilities like electricity and telephony.


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April 2023

Before analytics there were other methods for gauging viewers’ interest in TV shows, the most common being ratings. But the frontrunner was “Flush Ratings,” which was followed by qualitative methods, otherwise known as “Appreciation Indices.”


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January 2023

To solve the streaming SVoD woes, C-suite honchos should apply a journalistic trait when hiring their operation executives: Find those who don’t know anything.


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December 2022

In the past, those seeking out U.S. TV station managers at trade shows needed only to follow their TV engineers through the aisles. Today, chief technology officers have replaced the engineers, but this opportunity is gone.


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November 2022

The fact that history repeats itself is noted in many an expression, including “Everything is cyclical,” “Looking back epitomizes modernity,” and even “Back to the future.” But is anyone listening?


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October 2022

We live in a world in which shades of gray no longer exist. These days, everything is black or white. And television is not exempt from this. Actually, television personifies and amplifies this polarization.


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September 2022

The entertainment industry is going through an unprecedented era of transition, with new-school executives who find hard to deal with the daily innovations. But exceptions are starting to emerge in the form of executives who are embracing the past.


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June 2022

Elevating digital technology to a philosophy is a stretch, but European intellectuals are eager to jump into it just to prove that they are intellectuals, after all.


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