June-July 2024

Bad sound only affects streaming TV series — not shows broadcast on linear television channels. Despite this being a well-known problem, some streamers don’t seem to want to solve it.


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May 2024

The EV fiasco was predictable and serves as a cautionary tale for streamers. Forcing an untimely dismantle of the linear model and pushing for a premature adoption of an on-demand model will only generate more losses, more mergers, and more layoffs.


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April 2024

Incompetence masquerading as personal truth might be beneficial to one’s health. Too many truths, however, could cause agita.


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January 2024

We must all be impressed by the resilience of the middlemen that not even the mighty U.S. studios were able to eliminate — starting with movie theater owners and cable TV/satellite TV providers.


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December 2023

Pity the journalists trained in traditional TV, who, after the COVID pandemic, have to face a Viral Media landscape that has changed the ballgame, the playing field, and the rules.


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November 2023

The general press tends to look into the writers’ rooms instead of the C-suites to understand the “Big Changes [that] Are Coming to Hollywood” (as reported by the Wall Street Journal). C-suite execs were caught by surprise by the challenges posed by streaming platforms. People with common sense and those in the E-suites (trade Editorial) knew otherwise, and had been pointing out streaming’s pitfalls for years.


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October 2023

Sportswashing is not a new sport, but a dirty new word that the politically correct police force is ignoring, and the cancel culture advocates are skirting. It is something that brings short-term gain, but sooner or later we should also look at long-term losses.


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September 2023

In the U.S., Canada only makes news due to unwelcome winter chills that drift south or as smoke from forest fires blankets U.S .cities for days. Under normal circumstances, Canada is politely ignored in the U.S. But now, Canada is “Politely Kicking Ass.”


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June-July 2023

To determine if a company is financially sound and solidly well run, the litmus test is simple: leaf through the trade press. If you see their ads, there’s money behind them. If you don’t see ads, there is only smoke and mirrors.


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May 2023

If you wonder why the building of large projects tends to go over budget, over time, and over expectations, a new book is attempting to explain it. Separately, I’ll attempt to explain why SVoD as intended today is a losing proposition compared to the introduction of other capital-intensive utilities like electricity and telephony.


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