December 2021

Let’s talk about the lives of retired film and TV executives who insist on living in the past, as well as the exciting existences of those who, while no longer on “active” duty, choose to live in the future.


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November 2021

After dealing with the pandemic disaster that has plagued the world for more than 20 months, why is it that, this time around most of the international TV sector still can’t seem to fully return to business as usual?


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October 2021

Our love of the industry is comparable to the high level of anxiety it generates. It’s entertainment, so we should probably be having fun. But in our case, having fun is a serious business.


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August-September 2021

Condensing 41 years of international TV developments into just 41 VideoAge covers made me wonder if I had actually made a mistake and inverted the digits, so that instead of 41, just 14 years had passed.


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May-June 2021

With regard to globalization, I’d argue that international TV content sales are a good thing, while international TV set sales are a bad thing. Television content is different from manufacturing. Even economists tend to agree on this matter.


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April 2021

Is it important or necessary to be erudite? Why be pressured to know something today when that info may be different tomorrow? After all,the globe is still turningat the same speed as when it was created, even though our world seems to be moving at the speed of light.


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January 2021

New way or old way? The verdict is in: After the pandemic, the old way is way better! I’ll even go so far as to predict that there is no way to go back to the new way.


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December 2020

What has changed and what has not changed. Future known changes. And those we don’t know about yet. The world’s current state of uncertainty has created enough anxiety in the C-suites that analysts are being replaced with fortunetellers.


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November 2020

Reading books doesn’t boost some people’s egos. And it’s better to have a kitchen as your backdrop than a bookshelf during Zoom calls.


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October 2020

It’s nearly impossible to write TV comedies these days because cussing has become the only accepted form of humor. It’s almost as though it’s more polite to be impolite.


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