December 2020

What has changed and what has not changed. Future known changes. And those we don’t know about yet. The world’s current state of uncertainty has created enough anxiety in the C-suites that analysts are being replaced with fortunetellers.


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November 2020

Reading books doesn’t boost some people’s egos. And it’s better to have a kitchen as your backdrop than a bookshelf during Zoom calls.


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October 2020

It’s nearly impossible to write TV comedies these days because cussing has become the only accepted form of humor. It’s almost as though it’s more polite to be impolite.


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August-September 2020

When philosophy interferes with the work of a TV trade journalist, it’s better to run for cover before the sobbing starts.


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May 2020

While confined at home due to the COVID-19 lockdown, all sorts of strange topics have began dancing through my head. I’ve watched lots of television in order to maintain some degree of sanity. Nonetheless, below, please find a sample of topics that I’ve saved on my laptop.


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March-April 2020

Before using the red color for their red carpets Hollywood used red ink to print scripts to keep the spoilers at bay. Today, the spoiler-alert fights are intensifying — with neither camp giving up anytime soon.


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January 2020

It might be interesting if TV trade show organizers finally gave up on all those conferences during the shows, and instead put together a panel of hands-on experts from various fields in the content business so that, together, they can come up with a unified vision of the industry’s future.


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December 2019

We need to invent a word for “return to origins,” so that TV trade show organizers can better comprehend their main mission, and figure out why they’ve strayed so far away from it.


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November 2019

Nowadays, people can freely go to the library to look for archived news about a person — but they cannot do it online. This is thanks to another absurd law from the minds of European bureaucrats. This new “Right to be Forgotten” privacy rule prevents people from going online to check news stories in the public domain that deal with the reputation, qualifications, and criminal records of potential employees, babysitters, and personal caregivers.


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October 2019

The FANGs — or better yet, the FAYGs — are wreaking havoc in the social, political, and business worlds, but there aren’t yet any known legal bases that will allow us to regulate them or split them apart.


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