December 2021

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December 2021

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If DAZN Doesn’t Dazzle You,
Kevin A. Mayer Will

In May, The Los Angeles Times ran a lengthy article about how to pronounce the name of the newest sports platform, DAZN. Apparently, according to the paper, not even Jerry (…)

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NATPE Miami Will
Be Big and In Person

Pictured above at NATPE Miami 2020, panelists Fernando Barbosa of Disney Television
Latin America (l.), and Telemundo Studios’ Marcos Santana (r.) with Moderator Roko Izarra (…)

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ATF: Reduced Mart Expectation, High Conferences Interest

On November 17, organizers of the Asia TV Forum (ATF), which is set for December 1-3, 2021 in Singapore, sent a list of buyer and seller contacts that we at VideoAge (…)

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December 2021

Let’s talk about the lives of retired film and TV executives who insist on living in the past, as well as the exciting existences of those who, while no longer on “active” duty, choose to live in the future.


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