2023-2024 U.S. Broadcast Series in Consideration

For the new broadcast TV season, the U.S. networks are looking at the following 23 new pilots, of which 13 are dramas, and the rest comedies. Last year, the networks looked at 39 pilots, but (…)


In the past, this section of VideoAge‘s May edition was one of the more consistent, with the international sales executive rosters changing little year after year. But this year, new developments will undoubtedly make the (…)

Who’s Screening in Los Angeles

Between suites and tables, the Fairmont Century Plaza hotel in the Century City section of Los Angeles will be housing over 70 exhibition companies for the L.A. Screenings, which will run May 17 to 19. (…)

My 2¢

January 2024

We must all be impressed by the resilience of the middlemen that not even the mighty U.S. studios were able to eliminate — starting with movie theater owners and cable TV/satellite TV providers. (…)

Indie Program Highlights

January 2024 Edition

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