Pilots in Contention — Including 2021-2022 Holdovers

Below is the list of pilots that have been commissioned by the U.S. networks and are currently in contention for the forthcoming U.S. broadcast TV season. The list is updated daily. All TV series that (…)

New 2020 US Season Series (by distributors)

The American expression, “The Show Must Go On,” reportedly originated in the 1800s in the theater business. The phrase was later adopted by circuses (which were often subject to calamities), and by the hotel business (…)

2020 Studio Sales Teams

The world is getting smaller. No, it’s not about globalization, but the fact that there used to be seven major U.S. distribution studios, and now there are only five, since Paramount has been incorporated into (…)

TV Production ‘Uber Alles’

The COVID pandemic has taken one full year out of most of our lives. For too many people it took their lives completely. Those of us not deemed essential workers have been locked up at (…)

My 2¢

January 2021

New way or old way? The verdict is in: After the pandemic, the old way is way better! I’ll even go so far as to predict that there is no way to go back to the new way. (…)