2024-2025 New Series Pick-Ups and in Consideration

There are 20 series for the new U.S. broadcast TV season (down from 23 last year). However, six of the new 2024-25 series were announced at last year’s L.A. Screenings: Matlock (CBS), Doc (FOX), Rescue (...)


The studio sales teams section is one of VideoAge’s most popular features among international content buyers, as the rosters reflect the most recent changes in the content industry. Here are the 2024 L.A. Screenings teams: (...)

Who’s Screening in Los Angeles

Between suites and tables, the Fairmont Century Plaza hotel in the Century City section of Los Angeles will be housing over 70 exhibition companies for the L.A. Screenings, which will run May 15 to 17. (...)

My 2¢

June-July 2024

Bad sound only affects streaming TV series — not shows broadcast on linear television channels. Despite this being a well-known problem, some streamers don’t seem to want to solve it. (…)

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June/July 2024 Edition

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