Safir (drama) (pictured)
In the Gülsoy family mansion, housekeeper Feraye falls for Yaman, one of the family’s heirs. However, Yaman must wed Aleyna. Ateş, the eldest child, saves Feraye from heartbreak and falls in love with her.

Street Birds (drama)
Five friends find an abandoned baby in a trash bin and decide to take care of baby Gülayşe. The five friends accidentally wound a bad guy named Çatal, then (also accidentally) kill a woman who was looking for the baby. Time goes by and the five friends are now adults, but everything will fall apart once the policeman Barbaros comes to find Gülayşe.

The Father (drama)
Cezayir Türk, a secret service assassin, fakes his own death for the sake of his family and the government. He starts a new life in Tashkent, but everything starts to fall apart when he is forced to return to Istanbul.

For My Family (drama)
Kadir and his three younger siblings face the sudden death of their parents. Despite poverty and homelessness, they stick together through every heartbroken truth and situation.

The Ottoman (drama)
When Ertugrul Gazi fell ill, the Kayı tribe was forced to contend with outside enemies, and power struggles began between the youngest son of Ertugrul Ghazi, Osman, and his uncles, Dündar and Gündüz. The brave Osman will fight to defeat his enemies and empower the Kayı tribe in Anatolia.

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