Ultimate Love (telenovela) (pictured)
Angélica, known as Poderosa, experiences a drastic change in her life when she meets Miguel. They learn of an incident involving them both that leads Angélica on the path to revenge.

Jezebel (Jezabel) (telenovela)
A Phoenician princess uses her beauty to seduce and marry King Ahab so that she can become queen. She then attempts to impose the worship of pagan gods on the public.

Topíssima (telenovela)
An ongoing police investigation implicates all the main characters in this telenovela that depicts the struggles of the modern workplace.

Jesus (Jesús) (soap opera)
Tells the fascinating life story — from birth to resurrection — of the man who changed the world.

Apocalypse (Apocalipsis) (soap opera)
Begins in 1980s New York where four university students meet, then takes place across three generations.

The Rich and Lazarus (El Rico y Lázaro) (soap opera)
A romantic drama about three inseparable childhood best friends is set against Nebuchadnezzar’s invasion of Jerusalem.

The Promised Land (La Tierra Prometida) (soap opera)
Joshua, the newly appointed leader of the Hebrews, is an experienced warrior gifted with courage and a powerful belief in God. He leads his people to Canaan.

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