The Slave Isaura (period telenovela) (pictured)
Based on the 1875 novel by Bernardo Guimarães, the telenovela portrays a love story amid slavery. Isaura, the daughter of the slave Juliana and the farm manager Miguel, is raised and educated by the Commander’s family. Despite an excellent education and fair skin, Isaura is a slave of the Commander. Amid suffering for her freedom, she lives a beautiful love story.

Topíssima (telenovela)
Sheds light on the conflicts of modern women: work versus love life; independence versus loneliness; motherhood versus career; aging versus aesthetics; illegality of abortion versus death, among others. The series also features a police investigation full of twists and turns. The plot is built on four pillars: romance, police investigation, drama and humor.

Ultimate Love (telenovela)
Everyone would like to experience – or has imagined experiencing – a love story capable of overcoming any difference, prejudice or obstacle imaginable. This sentiment often arises in the most unexpected places and in even unlikely people. But when love proves to be true, nothing can stop it from uniting two lovers.

Belaventura (telenovela)
Set in the Middle Ages, around the 15th century, in a beautiful and fictional region known as Belaventura. The story revolves around Pietra, a beautiful young woman who lives outside the castles of Belaventura, and Enrico, a prince who inherited a great kingdom. The story is full of emotional transformations where one person will find in the other what is missing in their lives.

The Slave Mother (telenovela)
The Slave Mother is the prequel to The Slave Isaura. It tells the story of Juliana, Isaura’s mother, who lives an intense love story and is faced with powerful enemies and obstacles. In an era that lives in the shadow of slavery, but the force of love always wins!

The Hospital (documentary series)
Documents the day-to-day life in a hospital that treats complex cases. The series shows the exciting dilemmas hidden behind the routine of doctors and patients who make the heart beat faster.

La Bestia (documentary series)
For 21 days, the Record TV Team followed families who crossed Central America clandestinely, fleeing poverty and violence from armed groups, heading to United States. The series depicts a long and dangerous journey on the so-called “Death Train” or “ La Bestia”, in search of the American Dream.

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