Finding Love in Big Sky, Montana (romance) (pictured)
An independent country girl, Paisley, takes on the task of upholding her grandfather’s ranch. After being denied funding to refurbish the ranch, she agrees to work with her ex-boyfriend Josh while he is in town to think of ways to raise money. After 15 long years, Paisley and Josh finally reconnect and find the love in each other that was there all along.

Farm To Fork To Love (romance)
Top chef Alice goes to Kansas to judge a food competition, despite the dismay of her boss and boyfriend. Once there, she is surprised to find her former college boyfriend, Christian, is among the judges. The cooking show and her reconnection with Christian will make Alice reconsider her calling and make her dreams come true.

My Sweet Holiday (Chocolate Covered Christmas) (holiday)
Marketing executive Sadie discovers that her parents are selling their traditional chocolate store, jeopardizing her dreams of inheriting it. Sadie is entrusted to teach the new owner the mysteries of chocolate, and magically, love cooks through the Christmas spirit. Sadie will learn that helping others and asking for help is more fulfilling than succeeding on her own.

Christmas Comes Home (romance)
Real estate broker Abbey is forced back to her hometown to repair a Victorian inherited from her grandmother. She decides to sell the house and hires single dad Josh to help with the repairs. Memories of her past paired with a growing relationship with Josh and his five-year-old son help Abbey find her calling and make a home for herself.

Squeaky Clean Mysteries Hazardous Duty (mystery)
Gabby St. Clair grew up dreaming of becoming a police forensics expert, but she had to drop out of a graduate program in forensic science to help her family. One day, Gabby and her boss Harold are assigned to clean up the scene of a home invasion gone wrong. When Harold is suspected of robbing the Cunninghams’ home and burning it down to destroy the evidence, Gabby must uncover the identity of the true arsonist to prove her boss’s innocence. Her number one suspect? Michael Cunningham himself!

Finding Love in San Antonio (romance)
After a season wrap on her TV show, successful L.A. chef Adela gets an offer to work on a new network series that will send her traveling around Europe. But she worries about moving Fabiola, her daughter who is still homesick for San Antonio. When Adela misses Fabiola’s championship soccer match, Fabiola runs away to San Antonio. Adela rushes there to find her and meets a local food writer who wrote a takedown piece on Adela. Their unlikely relationship will make Adela question if she wants to stay home in San Antonio or take the offer of her show.

A Royal Surprise (romance)
Riley Stevenson accepts an invitation to visit her boyfriend Madla’s family in South Africa. When she arrives, she is shocked to learn that Madla is not only extremely wealthy, but also the prince of Chacula! The news puts Riley’s trust in Madla in jeopardy, and now it is up to him to win her love back. Riley must decide if she will give Madla a second chance while also working to win the approval of his royal family.

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