Plus One at an Amish Wedding (romance) (pictured)
At their six-month anniversary dinner, Jesse surprises April with a trip to Paris! Plans change when Jesse is invited to his brother’s wedding. Now both must meet the people Jesse left behind years ago.

A Royal Surprise (romance)
When Riley Stevenson visits her boyfriend Madla’s family in South Africa, she learns that he is extremely wealthy and also the prince of Chacula! With Riley’s trust in in jeopardy, it is up to Madla to win her love back.

Finding Love in San Antonio (romance)
In San Antonio, TV chef Adela must restore her reputation after an interview with a local food writer. That unlikely relationship will help her decide if she wants to stay or take an offer in Europe.

Finding Love in Big Sky (romance)
Paisley takes on the task of upholding her grandfather’s ranch. After being denied funding to refurbish the ranch, she agrees to work with her ex-boyfriend Josh to brainstorm ways to raise money.

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