Finding Love in Sisters (drama, romance)
Successful lawyer Esperanza’s dream life is showing cracks. Her mother suggests she visit their hometown of Sisters, Oregon, to get recharged but she chooses to stay at her job. When Esperanza’s mother dies, she returns home and is wary of reuniting with her two sisters after so many years apart.

Finding Love in San Antonio (drama, romance) (pictured)
Adela Romero, a successful TV chef living in Los Angeles, has wrapped the newest season of her show. She gets an offer to work on a new network series that will send her traveling to Europe, but she is worried about moving her daughter away from her hometown of San Antonio. In San Antonio for the summer, Adela must restore her reputation after an interview goes wrong with a local food writer, who is secretly a big fan of Adela’s work. That unlikely relationship will help her decide whether to stay in San Antonio for good or take the offer to Europe.

Born to Race Unstoppable (action)
Valeria “La Imparable” Morales, a street racer and single mother, navigates her rivalry with her daughter’s father, Damían “Drop Top” Juarez. After a brush with the law, she joins Fast Track Miami, a women’s professional racing program, where she learns the value of teamwork and refines her skills. Despite challenges, Valeria triumphs in the final race and secures a spot in a men’s racing league, while also promoting her fellow female racers.

Finding Love in Miami (drama, romance)
Professional swimmer Alicia Flores realizes her lifelong dream of qualifying for the Olympics but faces an unexpected challenge when she learns that her estranged father needs a kidney transplant. As she navigates her relationships with her boyfriend Alonso, Alicia must decide whether to donate her kidney and embrace her new family or focus on her swimming career.

Sugarcreek Amish Mysteries (mystery)
Cheryl, a 30-year-old trying to mend a broken heart, moves to Sugarcreek, Ohio, to run her Aunt Mitzi’s gift shop. Her mundane life takes a sharp turn when she and Naomi, an Amish woman, stumble upon a mysterious kidnapping within the community. Using her love for true crime podcasts as a guide, Cheryl and Naomi dive into an amateur investigation, uncovering secrets that test their notions of friendship, trust, and forgiveness. As they navigate through the twists and turns of their investigation, Cheryl discovers a new sense of belonging and possibly a new chance at love.

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