Container Masters (documentary)
Repurposed shipping containers are turned into beautiful homes and unique building projects. Jim Russell, also known as the Container Master, brings clients’ unique shipping container dreams to life with his loyal, hard-working and fun-loving team! Follow them through the build process all the way up to the final reveal.

New Orleans Live (musical performance) (pictured)
Features local, regional, and some nationally known musical artists. This musical performance series gives incredible musical artists the best opportunity to shine while creating universally entertaining content that expands musical tastes. Viewers around the world can experience New Orleans’ music and culture. After all, it’s all about the music.

Jonny Loquasto: Physical. Therapy. (comedy)
Jonny Loquasto has led a double life for the past 15 years: physical therapist by day and comedian by night. With most of his physical therapy experience being in hospitals with the elderly, you’re definitely going to hear some stories! Add in his awkward childhood as a fat kid and his lifelong passion for professional wrestling, and it is no surprise why he tells jokes to strangers.

The Rest of Us (drama)
Set in fall 2001 on the campus of Blair University amidst the aftermath of 9/11, a diverse group of college students spring into action when confronted by the reality of a suicide, which forces them to face a campus-wide mental health crisis. They struggle to make sense of their place in a new world order.

Warning Shot (thriller)
Single mother Audrey thinks her worries are over when she inherits a farm. Little does she know that she and her daughter are in danger. Shady businessman Bobby hires two men to intimidate Audrey into signing over the water rights to him and his grandfather. When one of them turns out to be a sadist, the danger rises exponentially.

Recent 4K Restorations
Multicom Entertainment’s recent 4K restorations include Hotshot (featuring Pelé), Murder in New Hampshire: The Pamela Smart Story (featuring Helen Hunt), Backfield in Motion (featuring Roseanne Barr and Tom Arnold), In the Deep Woods (featuring Roseanna Arquette), and False Arrest (two-part miniseries featuring Donna Mills).

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