Farah (drama) (pictured)
An Iranian woman who ran away from her country to live in Istanbul, works as a cleaning lady in order to afford her son’s medical treatments, but she soon turns into a mafia accomplice.

Ego (drama)
When Erhan asks for money from his father-in-law Burhan to invest on the stock market, things turn for the worse and Erhan loses all the money. Meanwhile, Sibel, of the wealthy Koraslan family, learns that if she doesn’t have a baby soon, she will never be able to bear children. Erhan’s and Sibel’s lives will change when Sibel decides to get pregnant with Erhan’s baby and make an indecent proposal in the amount of 3 million.

Adela (drama)
Adela and Andreea were raised by Nuti and Mitu in a slum near Bucharest. One day, when Adela’s biological grandfather decides to repair past mistakes, her secret identity is revealed. However, before bringing Adela to her real father, the old man dies and Nuti and Mitu burry him in the garden. With this new opportunity, Nuti and Mitu send their own daughter Andreea in Adela’s place, since the Adela’s real father is a powerful media mogul.

Indefensible (crime drama)
The combative, endearing team of criminal lawyers at Lapointe-Macdonald Law Firm are passionate about justice. Viewers will be captivated by the touching and disturbing causes they defend as well as by their personal, ethical, emotional, and psychological issues.

Alert Squad (crime drama)
Every single minute counts when the Missing Persons Unit works a case. Driven by hope, bound by courage and determination, the team investigates with one clear objective: to recover the missing alive.

No Trespassing (crime drama)
Dejan Matić decides to leave his architectural bureau and move to home village Dol. Despite his daughter Miona’s resistance, he hopes to separate his daughter from bad company and habits and to renew their closeness. In Dol, Uncle helps them adapt to their new environment and introduces them to the conflict dividing Dol: wealthy entrepreneur Maksa wants to cut down a forest to build a hotel complex.

Tycoon (action)
Vladan Simonović is a tycoon, hated in Serbia because of the wealth he gained during the disintegration of Yugoslavia in the 1990s. As a persecuted man, he is forced to take drastic measures to preserve himself and his company. In addition to his public and secret enemies, he is in conflict with his son and the rest of the family, which is only kept together by his wealth.

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