Farah (drama) (pictured)
An Iranian woman who ran away from her country to live in Istanbul, works as a cleaning lady in order to afford her son’s medical treatments, but she soon turns into a mafia accomplice.

Twisted Lives (action drama)
Korkmaz and Iskender have been dear friends for 40 years, ever since Iskender saved Korkmaz from certain death and hired him as a hitman. When Korkmaz’s lost son kills Iskender’s only heir, their friendship will turn into a relentless chase.

Indefensible (crime drama)
The combative, endearing team of criminal lawyers at Lapointe-Macdonald Law Firm are passionate about justice. Viewers will be captivated by the touching and disturbing causes they defend as well as by their personal, ethical, emotional, and psychological issues.

Adela (drama)
Sisters Adela and Andreea were raised by their parents, Nuti and Mitu, in a slum near Bucharest. One day, Adela’s biological grandfather decides to repair his past mistakes. In doing so, Adela’s secret identity will be revealed.

Forbidden Fruit (drama)
Socialite Ender hires Yildiz to seduce her businessman husband Halit, so that Ender can get Halit’s assets after the divorce. However, Yildiz betrays Ender and exposes her plan. Halit still divorces Ender but marries Yildiz, continuing the endless war between the two women.

Deeply (drama, romance)
Deniz and Barıs’ unbridled love spans 10 years. Their love story is sometimes sunny, sometimes stormy, sometimes possible, often impossible.

Yesilcam (drama)
After losing his production company, Semih Ates has two goals: to make a blockbuster movie without losing his new company and to win back his unforgettable ex-wife, famous actress Mine Cansu.

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