Recipe of Love (romantic comedy) (pictured)
Firat, the chef at a humble kebab restaurant, sees his life change with advice from the TV personality Doctor Love. Firat’s journey takes him to a nice French restaurant where he falls in love with the owner, Naz Soyluer.

Romance Next Door (romantic comedy)
This love story is also the story of friendship between four young people from different social classes and cultures. Ateş Avcı, Ayşen Yılmaz, Demir Yılmaz, and Yasemin Çetin will not only fall in love but also build a strong friendship based on a “cheerful lie.”

Love Trap (romantic comedy)
The marriage game between poor girl Ayşe and rich boy Kerem started as a “love trap.” It will soon bind them forever.

Hekimoglu (medical drama)
In the Turkish local version of the U.S. scripted series House M.D., an anti-social, witty, and arrogant medical doctor saves his patients from infectious diseases. With his team of three young doctors, Hekimoglu does whatever it takes to solve the most puzzling cases.

Ruthless City (premium drama)
Two families are tested by sin after an indecent deal. While the first season reflects the duality of good and evil within each person, the second season reveals the evil sides of these characters.

Price of Passion (romantic drama)
Can a doctor fall in love with a hitman? Can a woman heal the lost soul of her kidnapper? Did Snow White forgive the hunter?  The answers to these questions lie with the unforgettable couple Aslı and Ferhat.

Flames of Desire (premium drama)
Adapted from Korean drama, this series looks back on an old Turkish tradition known as “betrothed in the cradle” and portrays its consequences in modern life. The story depicts protagonists amid love, reunion, farewell, and struggle.

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