June/July 2024

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June-July 2024

Bad sound only affects streaming TV series — not shows broadcast on linear television channels. Despite this being a well-known problem, some streamers don’t seem to want to solve it.


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Television in an Era
of Viewer Unhappiness

During the recent SXSW Conference in March one particular panel drew the press’s attention: “Building Brands in the Unhappiness Era.” Apparently, we are living in the grip of an unhappiness (…)

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Direct-to-Consumer: New
TV Biz Mantra With Pitfalls

The concept seemed simple enough. And it was fully adopted by streamers. According to the April 26, 2024 edition of The Wall Street Journal: “If you’re selling something for $100 (…)

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June-July 2024

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Good Content Output For
Co-Exclusive Licensing

Overall, the 2024 edition of the L.A. Screenings was smaller than past editions, but better in terms of content quality (albeit with reduced output), licensing opportunities, and recreational activities.

Since companies (…)

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