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Alice Donenfeld: Film, TV Cartoon Buyers Were Her Superheroes

Marvel and DC Comics have something in common: superhero Alice Donenfeld. She first became familiar with the comics world through her husband, Irwin, who was the son of DC Comics (…)

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Pedro Simoncini: A Broadcasting Pioneer Who Loved Distributing Educational TV Program

Pedro Simoncini has been involved with Canal 11 in Buenos Aires since 1957. He developed it into Telefe in 1989.

His story is rich in drama (military takeovers), financial intrigue (making (…)

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The Brian McGrath Story Entwined With Viacom, Coca-Cola, Sports and Universal

James Brian McGrath (known as Brian to most) entered the television business in 1970, a year before the company he joined, a spinoff of CBS Syndication and CBS Cable, became (…)

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Claude S. Perrier: The French Anchor to Jules Stein and Lew Wasserman’s MCA

“I’m old, you know,” said 87-year-old Claude Salle Perrier when explaining to VideoAge her difficulty in recounting some anecdotes of when she began working at MCA in 1953 in Paris.

To (…)

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Bill Peck: A Serious Executive Who Inadvertently Brought Fun To TV Sales

This writer’s first real encounter with William (Bill) John Peck occurred at MIPCOM 1993, when Peck asked him to send his photographer to take photos at his “surprise” 50th birthday (…)

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“Banji” Uemura: Filling the East-West Gap With Humor, Good Show Biz and Flair

In 2012 the Japanese government awarded Banjiro Uemura the Order of the Rising Sun for his contribution to the development of Japan’s TV industry and international relations.

It took Uemura 51 (…)

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Susan L. Bender: Welcoming New Challenges Wasn’t a Challenge

Susan Leigh Bender does things differently. First she entered show business from the “show” portion, as a nightclub singer to be exact. Later, she moved into the industry from the (…)

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Carlos Barba Used His Midas Touch To Elevate The Business of Show To An Art Form

“When Carlos became president of Venevisión International in 1991, the first thing he told me [as the company’s sales executive] is still ingrained in my brain: ‘Remember, you’re in show (…)

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Herbert G. Kloiber Mixed Arts, TV Biz From An Early Age For a Vertically Integrated Group

It can be said that vertical integration in the U.S. television industry began in 1993 with the repeal of the so-called Fin-Syn rule, which was established in 1970.

In fact, 1970 (…)

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Larry Gershman: Creating The Basis For Innovating U.S., Int’l TV Distribution

Among former U.S. studios’ TV distribution presidents, there were three executives who were larger than life, and Lawrence (Larry) Eugene Gershman is one. After almost 60 years in the TV (…)

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