November 2016

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Football’s economics: Asia’s interest in Western teams, games and Western shortfalls

Football (or soccer, as it’s called in North America) is famous for being one of the least efficient sectors of the sports/ entertainment industry. Recent investment, however, has led to (…)

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November 2016

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The Biggest TV Content Show On Earth Delivered Its Promise

At the recently concluded MIPCOM, which took place in the traditional Cannes setting from October 15-20, all major U.S. studios were in full force. In particular, CBS, Disney, NBCUni and (…)

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Sub-Saharan TV: A $1 Billion Program Import Marketplace

Discop Johannesburg is now entering its fifth year. The event, to be held in its usual venue, the Sandton Convention Center, is expecting 250 exhibition companies eager to enter or (…)

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November 2016

Norman Horowitz Syndrome: A social and business condition that is beneficial to all concerned, but its value is not yet fully appreciated.


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Larry Gershman: Creating The Basis For Innovating U.S., Int’l TV Distribution

Among former U.S. studios’ TV distribution presidents, there were three executives who were larger than life, and Lawrence (Larry) Eugene Gershman is one. After almost 60 years in the TV (…)

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