January 2017

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January 2017

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Herbert G. Kloiber Mixed Arts, TV Biz From An Early Age For a Vertically Integrated Group

It can be said that vertical integration in the U.S. television industry began in 1993 with the repeal of the so-called Fin-Syn rule, which was established in 1970.

In fact, 1970 (…)

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January 2017

Divisiveness and polarization have been around for centuries and they are the root causes of wars. Today, the Internet accelerates these, but traditional media is where all of the memes have originated


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Anticipating New Trends: U.S. TV Will Be More Diversified

In a highly competitive U.S. television marketplace, what does it take to be the best? At the recent Television Critics Press Tour, each of the U.S. network presidents talked about (…)

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LATAM TV: Restricción para empresas

¿Cómo encarar la inversión en marketing, en dónde enfocarla en este 2017? ¿Los presupuestos para el año nuevo han aumentado o están en baja? ¿En qué difieren respecto a las (…)

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Is Trumpism Good For The TV Biz? Opinions Vary

It looks as though the American and most of the international media is up in arms about the upcoming Donald J. Trump presidency. It was certainly not expected, even though (…)

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