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Sandy Frank Never Pitched Someone Who Couldn’t Give Him An Order

“He was a showman at the highest level and the sales experience may have been more dramatic than the programs we purchased.” This quote from veteran TV executive Bill Baker (…)

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Colin Davis: One of Four Fathers of The “Output Deal”

In his 20 years with MCA and beyond, British-born Colin P. Davis saw the group, which was founded in 1924, go through a roller coaster of ownership changes.

It was first (…)

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Elie Wahba: LATAM’s Enduring, Endearing, Erudite Studio Executive

World citizen (and universally loved) Elie Wahba’s professional TV career spans 53 years, and is still going strong as senior vice president of Latin America-Caribbean at Twentieth Century Fox International (…)

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Michael J. Solomon: A Master Salesman For Hollywood and a Marketing Genius

Michael Jay Solomon has been recognized as one of two fathers of the L.A. Screenings (the other is the late Jack Singer), among other pioneering distribution achievements.

His professional TV career (…)

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Reiner Moritz: Arts and Music Have Been His Beat, From Germany, U.K.

When Reiner Moritz, now world-renowned for his arts programs, was working for Leo Kirch’s Beta Film in Munich, he was a chain smoker. One day Reiner couldn’t smoke all day; (…)

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Armando Nuñez Sr.: Cuba, Castro, Fox, ITC & PolyGram Became His “Universal”

The extraordinary long and successful TV career of 88-year old Armando Nuñez Sr. began with failures, and, in particular, major theatrical film failures. The first film failure that changed the (…)

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Pedro F. Leda: 60 Years In LATAM TV With Challenges Yet To Come

Peter Felix Leda of Argentina’s Ledafilms can still speak German, even though he left his native Hamburg as a newborn in 1938, five years after Hitler took power and raised (…)

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Herb Lazarus: When Doing Business While Having Fun Was a Priority

Herbert “Herb” Lazarus has become the reason and example for why many TV executives no longer (voluntarily) retire. At 80 years old, with 60 years in the business, Lazarus is (…)

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Bruce Gordon: Sales Gave The Savvy To Confront Murdoch and Packer

Bruce Gordon started his successful career in the international program distribution business in 1962, but to describe him, it is better to begin with the present. That said, this one (…)

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The Holenders: A Tale of Two Generations

Irv Holender, a pioneer of international television distribution and current chairman of the Los Angeles-based Multicom Entertainment Group, used to bring his son Darrin along to business meetings around Hollywood (…)

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