January 2016

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Pedro F. Leda: 60 Years In LATAM TV With Challenges Yet To Come

Peter Felix Leda of Argentina’s Ledafilms can still speak German, even though he left his native Hamburg as a newborn in 1938, five years after Hitler took power and raised (…)

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January 2016

Comparing the retention level of print versus online, print wins overwhelmingly, and authoritative academics confirm it. I’m wondering if advertising follows the same pattern. (…)

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January 2016

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Cover Stories

  • How U.S. studios preserve television programs’ value across all (…)
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La muerte de la TV por cable fue decretada prematuramente

Recientemente ha habido una gran cantidad de conversaciones acerca de la muerte de la TV por cable debido a la incursión de los servicios OTT (Over-The-Top), tales como Apple TV, (…)

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U.S. Studios’ Windowing Preserves Content Value

To the Hollywood studios, markets such as NATPE offer an opportunity to explore how content can maintain value on multiple platforms. As a top-level studio executive explained: “The studios will (…)

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Century Plaza Hotel Closes For Two Years. Indies’ L.A. Screenings Move to InterContinental

For the next two years, the indie distributors at the L.A. Screenings will return to the InterContinental Hotel, which is adjacent to the Century Plaza. The latter has been the (…)

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