June/July 2016

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June-July 2016

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Cover Stories

  • NATPE Europe: Back to Budapest with new COO JP Bommel
  • (…)

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New Media Laws To Affect TV Biz in Hungary, Poland

When Hungary’s newly elected conservative Prime Minister Viktor Orbán enacted a new media law in 2010, the E.U. went up in arms denouncing its illiberal bias.

In July 2013 the European (…)

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Is In-Flight Entertainment An IFEey Business For CSPs?

The potential size of the in-flight entertainment (IFE) business is mind-boggling: Around the world, there are over 37 million commercial airline flights each year. These flights are made with 25,000 (…)

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L.A. Screenings Review: Buyers Drowned In a Flood of Content. “Subprime Video” Down, Indie Biz Up

In April, the U.S. non-broadcast TV sector (cable and streaming services) introduced 132 new scripted series for the 2016-17 season, 86 of which were dramas. In May, the broadcast industry (…)

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Colin Davis: One of Four Fathers of The “Output Deal”

In his 20 years with MCA and beyond, British-born Colin P. Davis saw the group, which was founded in 1924, go through a roller coaster of ownership changes.

It was first (…)

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June 2016

Elegance is defined as something that is unnoticeable, but as an amateur social historian, I tend to notice the unnoticeable — especially the trivial aspects of the TV distribution business.

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