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January 2018

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A New Nollywood: A Close Second To Bollywood, Larger Than Hollywood

Emily Witt’s concise overview of Nigeria’s film industry, titled Nollywood: The Making of a Film Empire (Columbia Global Reports, 2017, 128 pgs., U.S.$14.99), opens with a monologue from Nigerian director-producer (…)

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Pedro Simoncini: A Broadcasting Pioneer Who Loved Distributing Educational TV Program

Pedro Simoncini has been involved with Canal 11 in Buenos Aires since 1957. He developed it into Telefe in 1989.

His story is rich in drama (military takeovers), financial intrigue (making (…)

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January 2018

Court TV is good at using common sense for its rulings, but to really apply common sense, a Ministry of Common Sense should be established at government levels.


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Canada’s TV Acquisitions Outside the U.S. Studios

In Canada, where the thirst for content is truly unquenchable, independent distributors play a key role.

Take The Handmaid’s Tale, set to return for a second season in April. Here was (…)

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FIFA’s World Cup Short on Sponsorships Because of FIFA’s Negative Image

The football (soccer) world has more problems with Russia than U.S. President Donald Trump.

It all started last November with Italy’s elimination from the tournament, which translated to widespread disinterest for (…)

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