January 2020

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January 2020

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Meeting of The Wallets: Money And Productions

It seems that the money people are actually in search of producers as an alternative to producers selling out to streamers. Apparently, there is a pool of money in Hollywood (…)

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Robert Chua: Sharing Life, TV Biz With Wife Peggy in Hong Kong

In 2015, veteran TV broadcaster, producer, satellite TV pioneer, and content distributor Robert Chua Wah-Peng decided to write a 130-page self-published book to commemorate his 50 years in the TV (…)

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January 2020

It might be interesting if TV trade show organizers finally gave up on all those conferences during the shows, and instead put together a panel of hands-on experts from various fields in the content business so that, together, they can come up with a unified vision of the industry’s future.


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The Rebate Debate: Cash with Caveats for Productions

The ability to negotiate the appropriate location, and one offering tax and/or cash-in-hand incentives, can be a godsend when seeking funds to start and complete a production.

However, at times, a (…)

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Un programa de juegos presagia una presidencia

Antes de agosto, cuando Donald Trump declaró que “Hollywood is terrible” y que las películas son peligrosas, se sabía el futuro presidente de los Estados Unidos estaba fascinado con Tinseltown. (…)

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