April 2019

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L.A. Screenings: New Schedules, Changes, Mergers

With the increasing un-certainty, confusion, and unpredictability surrounding the 2019 edition of the L.A. Screenings, it’s a comfort to take stock of what actually is known.

It’s a definite that Twentieth (…)

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Hollywood Heroines: The On- And Off-Screen Women Who Led The Industry

There are many myths associated with Hollywood. One that persists to the present day is the one that asserts that women contributed only marginally to the film industry during its (…)

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AI in Dubbing: Almost There,
But Still a Long Way to Go!

AI has already been implemented into our lives. It’s in our cars, our telephones, our computers, our transportation systems, and our hospitals. AI is helping us make decisions daily. But (…)

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April 2019

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April 2019

The fact that I have been able to attend 40 MIP-TVs is a reason to be pitied, not celebrated. As member of the “press,” I would probably be more appreciated if I were to head to the laundry room to “press” some shirts rather than poking around asking questions for stories that are going to be published.


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