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NATPE Miami’s Six Tracks Drive Content Sales

“The theme of the up-coming NATPE Miami market is ‘Linear Plus’ because linear television still generates huge business worldwide and still drives the content market-place,” said NATPE president and CEO (…)

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Donald Trump TV: How The Medium Became The Message And Took Office, Too

In the 1960s, Canadian philosopher Marshall McLuhan introduced the phrase “the medium is the message” to indicate that forms of media not only transmit information but also frame how it (…)

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Brexit’s Impact on the U.K. Audiovisual Industry Is Analyzed By The Council of Europe

Recently, the Strasbourg, France-based European Audiovisual Observatory of the Council of Europe published an 80-page report detailing Brexit’s impact on the audiovisual sector, which is summarized below.

With Brexit, all E.U. (…)

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December 2019

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  • Media Reform in China Aims To Make TV (…)
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December 2019

We need to invent a word for “return to origins,” so that TV trade show organizers can better comprehend their main mission, and figure out why they’ve strayed so far away from it.


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