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November 2019

Nowadays, people can freely go to the library to look for archived news about a person — but they cannot do it online. This is thanks to another absurd law from the minds of European bureaucrats. This new “Right to be Forgotten” privacy rule prevents people from going online to check news stories in the public domain that deal with the reputation, qualifications, and criminal records of potential employees, babysitters, and personal caregivers.


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Netflix Keeps Toon Titans Busy, Not Too Profitable

Once the gatekeepers of the worldwide animation business, Canadian toon producers have, of late, been rather quiet on the international TV distribution scene. It’s not that they are not producing, (…)

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MIP Cancun Amid LATAM Turbulence

Parts of the world are clearly in a state of turmoil. Just look at what’s happening in the Middle East, North Africa, the U.K., Spain, and Hong Kong these days. (…)

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The Common Ground of African, Caribbean TV-Film

It’s easy to see how the shared historical identities of both Africa and the Caribbean regions impact their film-TV industry, and hence why it is possible to have shared distribution.

The (…)

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November 2019

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