November 2020

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November 2020

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Score Card Report For Seven Virtual Markets

To analyze the deluge of virtual trade shows that hit the entertainment industry this year, VideoAge contacted 12 executives from eight countries to comment on seven recent live events that were canceled (…)

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November 2020

Reading books doesn’t boost some people’s egos. And it’s better to have a kitchen as your backdrop than a bookshelf during Zoom calls.


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Q&A With Bénédicte Touchard de Morant, MIP Cancun Director

Time flies, especially during the coronavirus pandemic, and now it’s time for the seventh annual MIP Cancun… even though Cancun and its tropical climate can only be enjoyed on the (…)

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El mundo AVoD es FAST, la televisión más vista en EE.UU

El mundo del VoD continúa expandiéndose por todo el planeta. Además de TVoD, SVoD y AVoD, ya está en la lidia un nuevo recién llegado que se está ganando rápidamente (…)

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