June/July 2018

A dozen new gender categories will wreak havoc on audience research firms since they soon won’t be permitted to use the “binary” categories: male or female.


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May 2018

Today, the corporate world tends to forget history in order to free itself from restrictions resulting from past experiences. A direct consequence, however, is that when a new crop of executives enters the workplace, they have no historical references at all.


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April 2018

Could the BBC news culture, which thrives in the U.K.,be transferred to the U.S.? Americans seem to have a better system in place to deal with international requests.


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January 2018

Court TV is good at using common sense for its rulings, but to really apply common sense, a Ministry of Common Sense should be established at government levels.


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December 2017

What’s this obsession with getting attendance figures after markets? It’s the business of buying and selling content that really counts — not the fact that 13,900 people were there, instead of the necessary 8,000. Because, as the saying goes, two is company; three’s a crowd.


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October 2017

This is an official request for the establishment of a “clearing house” for organizers of international film and TV trade shows. The United Nations is famous for establishing clearing houses to coordinate various world events and the entertainment industry should do the same to avoid staging 20 trade events for 84 market days in three months.


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June 2017

We all know the importance and impact of TV commercials on consumers, society and the economy. Then, why doesn’t the media critique them as it does movies, TV shows and even restaurants?


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May 2017

The world is literally getting crazier with social media. Now an embarrassing, but socially irrelevant, blunder on television can trigger death threats.


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April 2017

Building on the successful and innovating formula of MIP Cancun, advice for similar, smaller TV markets and for small indie companies attending larger markets.


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January 2017

Divisiveness and polarization have been around for centuries and they are the root causes of wars. Today, the Internet accelerates these, but traditional media is where all of the memes have originated


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