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Netflix Keeps Toon Titans Busy, Not Too Profitable

Once the gatekeepers of the worldwide animation business, Canadian (...)

MIP Cancun Amid LATAM Turbulence

Parts of the world are clearly in a state (...)

The Common Ground of African, Caribbean TV-Film

It’s easy to see how the shared historical identities (...)

What’s in store in VideoAge’s November Issue

November 12th, 2019|0 Comments

In preparation for MIP Cancun and DISCOP, VideoAge is now offering online its printed Issue that will be distributed at both concurrent markets (before being mailed). What readers will see are over 11 articles covering 10 countries in Africa and (...)

Mediaset Italia’s Dual Anniversary Celebrations

November 5th, 2019|0 Comments

After celebrating Mediaset Italia's 10th anniversary during the recently concluded MIPCOM in Cannes, a delegation of Mediaset's Italian international channel flew from Rome to Washington, D.C. as one of the sponsors of the 44th annual National Italian American Foundation (NIAF) (...)

Abruzzo Film’s Board Introduced at the AFM

October 29th, 2019|0 Comments

The promotional campaign launched by Italy's Abruzzo region to bring its audiovisual talents back to the region has begun, and Hollywood is its main target. The campaign to reach the Mecca of show business began in Cannes in mid-October at (...)

November 2019

Nowadays, people can freely go to the library to look for archived news about a person — but they cannot do it online. This is thanks to another absurd law from the minds of European bureaucrats. This new “Right to be Forgotten” privacy rule prevents people from going online to check news stories in the public domain that deal with the reputation, qualifications, and criminal records of potential employees, babysitters, and personal caregivers. (…)





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Movies in Greece Were Theo Kouroglou’s Life Until He “Moved” To the TV Biz

Many international film-TV executives would be startled to learn that (...)

Richard Milnes’ Story Is Full of Intrigue, Name Changes, and California Dreamin’

To paraphrase Dante’s Divine Comedy, “in the midway” of his (...)

Rosario Ponzio: Beating the Drums in Italy While Beating the Odds in L.A.

Rosario Ponzio epitomizes the golden era of Italian television — (...)