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L.A. Screenings: New Schedules, Changes, Mergers

With the increasing un-certainty, confusion, and unpredictability surrounding the (...)

Hollywood Heroines: The On- And Off-Screen Women Who Led The Industry

There are many myths associated with Hollywood. One that (...)

AI in Dubbing: Almost There,
But Still a Long Way to Go!

AI has already been implemented into our lives. It’s (...)

MIP-TV Report: Organizers See Problems & Solutions

April 17th, 2019|0 Comments

Lots of real news, unsubstantiated rumors — and even an announcement — were swirling around the Palais during the most recent edition of MIP-TV, which ended on Thursday, April 11, after a four-day market. The first bit of news was (...)

Toei Animation’s Masayuki Endo Gives MIP-TV Overview

April 4th, 2019|0 Comments

“MIP-TV is one of the most important content distribution markets for Toei Animation,” said Masayuki Endo, president and CEO of Toei Animation, Inc., the Los Angeles business unit of Tokyo-based Toei Animation Co., Ltd. And the company plans on making (...)

Russell (Russ) J. Kagan: 1953-2019

March 28th, 2019|1 Comment

When I last had lunch with Russ in Beverly Hills in February, he couldn't have been any more energetic. Religious themes were his passion, and he was ecstatic to be working with televangelist Pat Robertson on a TV series about (...)

April 2019

The fact that I have been able to attend 40 MIP-TVs is a reason to be pitied, not celebrated. As member of the “press,” I would probably be more appreciated if I were to head to the laundry room to “press” some shirts rather than poking around asking questions for stories that are going to be published. (…)

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Richard Milnes’ Story Is Full of Intrigue, Name Changes, and California Dreamin’

To paraphrase Dante’s Divine Comedy, “in the midway” of his (...)

Rosario Ponzio: Beating the Drums in Italy While Beating the Odds in L.A.

Rosario Ponzio epitomizes the golden era of Italian television — (...)

Anthony D. Friscia: The “Ultimate” Studio Warrior

Tony Friscia is the “father” of the “ultimates,” a tool (...)