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L.A. Screenings: A Busy Market For Indies. A Rewarding Show For Studios

Before the start of the L.A. Screenings 2017, it (...)

NATPE Budapest To Emulate Success of Miami

Early last month, VideoAge met JP Bommel, president and (...)

Bolloré, Berlusconi In a Feud of Napoleonic Proportions

“The Italian media are currently fending off a so-called (...)

Prepare For Busy MIPCOM Floor Activities

September 19th, 2017|0 Comments

Be prepared for a whirlwind of major activities in Cannes, all covered in VideoAge Daily. On the pre-market Sunday alone there's the Rainbow party, the TV Azteca 25th Anniversary Gala and Sony Pictures’ premiere screening. Since all these events will be held (...)

The Biz Portion of Venice Film Fest: A Report

September 12th, 2017|0 Comments

The Venice Production Bridge, the market that runs alongside the Venice Film Festival, took place from August 31 to September 5 at the Excelsior Hotel in Venice Lido, registering 2,070 participants (a 10 percent increase from last year), of which (...)

June 2017

We all know the importance and impact of TV commercials on consumers, society and the economy. Then, why doesn’t the media critique them as it does movies, TV shows and even restaurants? (…)

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Bill Peck: A Serious Executive Who Inadvertently Brought Fun To TV Sales

This writer’s first real encounter with William (Bill) John Peck (...)

“Banji” Uemura: Filling the East-West Gap With Humor, Good Show Biz and Flair

In 2012 the Japanese government awarded Banjiro Uemura the Order (...)

Susan L. Bender: Welcoming New Challenges Wasn’t a Challenge

Susan Leigh Bender does things differently. First she entered show (...)