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L.A. Screenings Review: Same Drill With New Twists. The Enthusiasm is Unchanged

The L.A. Screenings 2018 in facts and figures: This (...)

Rocco Siffredi: The Good ‘Ol Days of Porn’s Golden Era

Before porn became boring, there were adult film directors (...)

Finding Waldo In Central and Eastern Europe Is A Puzzle

The goal is to find out how many TV (...)

Joe Flaherty (1931 – 2018): TV Technology Pioneer

August 14th, 2018|0 Comments

On August 7, Joseph A. Flaherty Jr. passed away at the age of 87. Dr. Flaherty, who held a doctorate in physics, was the subject of a September 1984 front cover feature in VideoAge. In 2007, after having been at (...)

The Oscars Are a TV Invention

August 10th, 2018|0 Comments

By Dom Serafini A battle is rumbling in Hollywood between the film and TV industries. In the past, film imposed the law, since it was considered the nobler art, while TV was thought of as pedestrian. Plus, it came from (...)

NAB NY Highlights Sports, Advertising

August 8th, 2018|0 Comments

This year, at NAB New York, expect to meet author Ken Auletta and CBS Sports chairman Sean McManus. Organized by the Washington, D.C.-based National Association of Broadcasters, NAB Show New York — which was taken over by NAB four years (...)

June/July 2018

A dozen new gender categories will wreak havoc on audience research firms since they soon won’t be permitted to use the “binary” categories: male or female. (…)

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Anthony D. Friscia: The “Ultimate” Studio Warrior

Tony Friscia is the “father” of the “ultimates,” a tool (...)

Alice Donenfeld: Film, TV Cartoon Buyers Were Her Superheroes

Marvel and DC Comics have something in common: superhero Alice (...)

Pedro Simoncini: A Broadcasting Pioneer Who Loved Distributing Educational TV Program

Pedro Simoncini has been involved with Canal 11 in Buenos (...)