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Rocco Commisso’s Fifth-Largest U.S. MSO Monetizes Competition

The Cable TV industry, particularly in the U.S., has (...)

The Complex World of Canada’s TV Upfronts

For Canadians, their own Upfronts in Toronto start after (...)

Argentina’s Jornadas As The TV Window In The South Cone

The 27th edition of the Jornadas exhibition was advertised (...)

MIPCOM as Prelude to DISCOP, MIP Cancun

October 18th, 2017|0 Comments

It’s only MIPCOM’s third day, but VideoAge is already making plans for a combined Issue that’ll delve deep into both DISCOP Africa and MIP Cancun. Because, while they might seem far off, DISCOP is set to commence in just about (...)

An Inside Look at VideoAge’s MIPCOM Issue

October 10th, 2017|0 Comments

The October (MIPCOM) Issue of VideoAge is big, but it can still be comfortably held by hand and carried around Cannes. Articles that readers won’t want to miss include: “The Complex World of the Canadian Upfronts,” which is even baffling (...)

October 2017

This is an official request for the establishment of a “clearing house” for organizers of international film and TV trade shows. The United Nations is famous for establishing clearing houses to coordinate various world events and the entertainment industry should do the same to avoid staging 20 trade events for 84 market days in three months. (…)

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Claude S. Perrier: The French Anchor to Jules Stein and Lew Wasserman’s MCA

“I’m old, you know,” said 87-year-old Claude Salle Perrier when (...)

Bill Peck: A Serious Executive Who Inadvertently Brought Fun To TV Sales

This writer’s first real encounter with William (Bill) John Peck (...)

“Banji” Uemura: Filling the East-West Gap With Humor, Good Show Biz and Flair

In 2012 the Japanese government awarded Banjiro Uemura the Order (...)