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Old: Insults. New: Reality in Politically Correct Times

Today’s crude and rude “reality television” cannot match the (...)

Egypt Opens New Int’l Opportunity in MENA Region

One of the DISCOP MENA markets is now in (...)

Bernard Chevry: 1922-2019 The Life of a Pioneer

The last time that I saw Bernard Chevry, who (...)

Prix Italia Goes To Ancient Rome For Diversity

August 13th, 2019|0 Comments

This September 23-28, Prix Italia will finally return to Rome following a 26-year absence. Last year, the itinerant Prix — which is sponsored by RAI, Italy’s state broadcast organization —  was held in Capri, the location of its very first (...)

NATPE Streaming Has Lots of Pluses

August 6th, 2019|0 Comments

NATPE recently hosted "Streaming Plus," a first-of-its-kind summit for the Los Angeles-based non-profit TV trade organization, during which leading executives from CBS, YouTube, The CW, and Netflix gathered to review streaming’s position in the programming and distribution industry’s future. The (...)

Bringing TV Classics to Modern Viewers

July 30th, 2019|8 Comments

As a child growing up in New York City, David DiVona would often watch the syndicated Carol Burnett Show and laugh and laugh, never realizing that a love of classic television would be what would eventually lead him to launch his (...)

June/July 2019

Six pieces of advice for modern TV executives, which were moved from the temporal lobe of my brain to the frontal lobe in order to be dispensed at zero cost. (…)

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Richard Milnes’ Story Is Full of Intrigue, Name Changes, and California Dreamin’

To paraphrase Dante’s Divine Comedy, “in the midway” of his (...)

Rosario Ponzio: Beating the Drums in Italy While Beating the Odds in L.A.

Rosario Ponzio epitomizes the golden era of Italian television — (...)

Anthony D. Friscia: The “Ultimate” Studio Warrior

Tony Friscia is the “father” of the “ultimates,” a tool (...)