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Conferencias y Ferias Sobre Media Digital

En octubre pasado concurrí a la convención llamada “Video (...)

Managing More Than 80 Rights Is Very Costly

Administering and keeping track of rights management is a (...)

Armed Against Alarming Social Media Threats

What began as a means of communication intended to (...)

New U.S. Series Announced — NBC, FOX, ABC and CBS’s New Scripted Shows

May 15th, 2017|0 Comments

It's broadcast network upfront week. We're covering all the network announcements, and bringing them to you right away. In our upcoming L.A. Screenings issue, we'll publish the new series by international distributor, but here in the Watercooler, we'll update the picked-up (...)

L.A. Screenings Preview in VideoAge

May 9th, 2017|0 Comments

The indie portion of the L.A. Screenings will get under way in the Century City area of Los Angeles starting on May 16, and at the same time in New York City, the Upfronts will be in full swing. This (...)

May 2017

The world is literally getting crazier with social media. Now an embarrassing, but socially irrelevant, blunder on television can trigger death threats. (…)

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“Banji” Uemura: Filling the East-West Gap With Humor, Good Show Biz and Flair

In 2012 the Japanese government awarded Banjiro Uemura the Order (...)

Susan L. Bender: Welcoming New Challenges Wasn’t a Challenge

Susan Leigh Bender does things differently. First she entered show (...)

Carlos Barba Used His Midas Touch To Elevate The Business of Show To An Art Form

“When Carlos became president of Venevisión International in 1991, the (...)