Greetings From VideoAge‘s
Work-From-Home Team

Our team managed to publish two VideoAge editions (text, audio, PDF and print) during the lockdown!
We salute all our readers and advertisers. 1) Monica Gorgetto: Publisher
2) Dom Serafini: Editor-in-Chief (the only one at (…)

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TV Ads: Less National, More Local

By Dom Serafini

During the COVID-19 lockdown, three things have become clear for the U.S. TV broadcast sector: ratings have gone up more than 35 percent, national advertising has gone down (…)

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Hybrid Approach To Language Dubbing

By Jacques Barreau*

Since the start of dubbing in Europe in the 1940s, the model hasn’t changed much. Dubbing studios spent (and still spend) the vast majority of their time hiring (…)

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My response to the Moffett-Nathanson Report

By Dom Serafini

Recently, Moffett-Nathanson, a New York City-based independent research firm, came out with an analysis –– one that was widely reported in the media –– that did not envision (…)

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Take Five With Maurizio Colombo

Maurizio Colombo is head of Scheduling Coordination and Acquisition Planning for 11 free and seven pay-TV channels belonging to Italy’s Mediaset. His responsibilities include deciding on what content to acquire and (…)

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How I See the “New Normal” MIPCOM

By Dom Serafini

It is hoped that come MIPCOM (October 12), COVID-19 will no longer be a threat and will only be a bad dream from the past. Then, again, the (…)

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The Current “New Normal” for TV Awards

By Georges Leclere*

In my life, I have participated in many different awards ceremonies. Some I had to attend. Some I produced. Some I moderated. And at some, I presented.

From the (…)

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Friends Remember Tetsu Uemura, 1962-2020

Comments from Pascal Borno, Anita First, Robert M. Jones, Richard Milnes, Doug Schwalbe, Dom Serafini, and Blair Westlake.

From Dom Serafini, VideoAge. “While at MIPCOM a few years back, Tetsu Uemura (…)

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Dieter Brockmeyer: Locked Down in Frankfurt

In many ways I am lucky. I have a spacious flat with a large sunny terrace connected to it and a separate but connected office space. In this locked down (…)

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Hervé Michel: At Home in a Locked Down Paris

“A confined president:” that was the headline for my editorial, which was published last week on TV France International’s Le Mag blog.

What an odd situation has been spreading throughout the (…)

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