Paul Shields: 1943-2018

He was a fixture at all international film and TV markets where he seemed to be on constant march despite walking curved to one side due to a life-long and (…)

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MIP-TV Never Fails: It’s the Usual MIP-sh

Heavy, persistent rain in Cannes made everything slow down outside the Palais, and lots of “Relax at MIP” spaces (in lieu of stands) inside the venue compelled participants to decelerate (…)

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Pick Your Upset du Jour

These days, in the media and entertainment businesses, it seems that everyone is upset about something or somebody.

U.S. President Donald Trump is upset with Amazon’s Jeff Bezos. Playboy‘s Cooper Hefner (…)

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L.A. Screenings Web Page Updated

The L.A. Screenings Web page of VideoAge is now updated with all screenings and parties. And to keep up with other news related to the L.A. Screenings, simply check (…)

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Tony Friscia in the Hall of Fame in May

Tony Friscia has been named the 26th International TV Distribution Hall of Fame honoree, and will be featured in VideoAge‘s L.A. Screenings LATAM Issue, out in print and digital on (…)

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The Future of the L.A. Screenings

The L.A. Screenings 2018 might very well be the last of the types of Screenings that the international TV industry has grown accustomed to. But starting as early as next (…)

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MIP-TV Starts in March With VideoAge’s Pre-Market Digital Edition

Get ready for a digital-only pre-MIP-TV Issue of VideoAge that aims to prepare buyers and sellers for the upcoming Cannes TV market.

Expect a flurry of information about new programs, new (…)

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L.A. Screenings: Take 5 With NATPE’s JP Bommel

Recently, NATPE announced a new initiative to aid independent companies that will be exhibiting during the L.A. Screenings.

Even though the initiative was well-received, it raised a few questions that (…)

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Critics’ Views Of The Critics’ TV Press Tours

More than 200 U.S. television critics came together in Pasadena, California for The Television Critics Press Tour, the Television Critics Association’s (TCA) semi-annual January conference, which featured two weeks of (…)

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L.A. Screenings Indies Becomes a Reality

NATPE has announced a partnership with L.A. Screenings Independents 2018 to leverage its reach and add value to the growing annual event. 

Initially promoted by VideoAge’s Dom Serafini (pictured above at the (…)

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