In the final installment of VideoAge’s pre-MIPCOM reports, Aysegul Tuzun, VP of Sales and Marketing at MISTCO, shared the company’s new shows for next week’s market.

“This year we are (…)

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Road to MIPCOM: Madd Is the New Addition

Newly created Madd Entertainment is the focus of this VideoAge installment of pre-MIPCOM reports. In this series, the Water Cooler is highlighting Turkish production and distribution companies.

Madd Entertainment is the (…)

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Planning For MIPCOM: Inter Medya

This VideoAge’s installment of its Water Cooler pre-MIPCOM reports highlights Inter Medya. The company’s CEO, Can Okan, reported what the Turkish international content distribution company will be offering at (…)

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Planning For MIPCOM: Global Agency

VideoAge continues its series of pre-MIPCOM reports from Turkish production and distribution companies. This Water Cooler edition features Global Agency.

At this year’s market, the Istanbul-based independent content distributor will (…)

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Planning For MIPCOM: Calinos Entertainment

With this Water Cooler edition, VideoAge begins a series of pre-MIPCOM reports of Turkish production and distribution companies.

Like most of Turkey’s TV export companies, Calinos Entertainment is headquartered (…)

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We Wuz Robbed At The 2018 “Streammy” Awards

“We wuz robbed” is a uniquely American expression with dubious origins and paternity, but some think it was born in the early 1930s at either a boxing match or a (…)

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‘Frenemies’ and ‘Fear’ Show ‘The Big Picture’

This is a year of exposés — of Madison Ave (with Frenemies), of Hollywood (with The Big Picture), and of Washington D.C. (with Fear).

Madison Avenue was exposed by Ken Auletta, (…)

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GRB’s C. Scot Cru on MIPCOM Preparations

C. Scot Cru, who was recently tapped as GRB’s president of International, announced to VideoAge during a phone conversation that the Los Angeles-based firm will be returning to its core (…)

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Le Rendez-Vous Highlights “Efficiency,” While Jornadas Tracks “Inefficiencies”

This Water Cooler edition will preview two stories that will soon appear in their extended forms in the September digital-only Issue of VideoAge.

We’ll start in the north, with the 24th (…)

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Joe Flaherty (1931 – 2018): TV Technology Pioneer

On August 7, Joseph A. Flaherty Jr. passed away at the age of 87. Dr. Flaherty, who held a doctorate in physics, was the subject of a September 1984 front (…)

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