At NATPE Budapest, Studios Shine, But Indies Benefit Too

It was a  hectic pre-market day at NATPE Budapest 2017 with an early morning Warner Bros. Screenings on Monday, June 19 that continued after lunch, followed by an afternoon Lionsgate Screenings (…)

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A Not-to-Be-Missed Issue Is Online

VideoAge June/July Issue is now online at www.VideoAge.org. It features 13 articles and covers three TV markets: L.A. Screenings, NATPE Budapest (…)

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U.S. TV Turns to God, Feds, GIs & Superdudes For 2017-2018

While the U.S. is currently at that point in the year where summer shows are taking over the TV screens usually big-ticket items (…)

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The TV Season, As Told by the U.S. Press

The New York Times’ opening salvo on Monday, May 15, declared that “Viewers’ Eyes May Drift, but Marketers Are Sticking With Broadcast Television.”

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Q and A with JP Bommel Ahead of NATPE Budapest

NATPE Budapest will take place June 19-22 at the InterContinental hotel in Budapest (its returning home after relocating from Prague last year). VideoAge,

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L.A. Screenings Review: A Busy Market For Indies

Before the start of the L.A. Screenings 2017, it was begining to feel like like deja vu from the L.A. Screenings 2008, which was affected by the writers’ strike that (…)

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New U.S. Series Announced — NBC, FOX, ABC and CBS’s New Scripted Shows

It’s broadcast network upfront week. We’re covering all the network announcements, and bringing them to you right away. In our upcoming L.A. Screenings issue, we’ll publish the new series by international (…)

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L.A. Screenings Preview in VideoAge

The indie portion of the L.A. Screenings will get under way in the Century City area of Los Angeles starting on May 16, and at the same time in New (…)

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Cameras In the Courtroom:  Let ‘Em Roll

By Royal F. Oakes*

One of the time-honored excuses for continuing to exclude broadcast cameras from federal courtrooms is the notion that if proceedings are televised, that will change (…)

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William (Bill) J.  Peck In VideoAge’s Hall of Fame

Reviewing Bill Peck’s 56-year-old career for the June-July Issue of VideoAge, is to not just go over the accomplishments of the first British International TV Distribution Hall of Fame honoree, (…)

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