Comedy-focused entertainment studio New Metric Media has signed a multi-year first-look deal with Sasha Leigh Henry to produce new original projects across multiple mediums including television, film and theater.

“We’re delighted to expand on our collaboration with Sasha, an exceptionally talented and visionary creator,” commented Mark Montefiore, founder and CEO, New Metric Media. “Supporting unique and gifted voices like Sasha’s is at the core of our mission, and we’re excited to partner with her in bringing more compelling stories to life.”

New Metric Media previously partnered with Sasha, who created the Crave Original series Bria Mack Gets a Life, winner as Best Comedy Series at the 2024 Canadian Screen Awards.

“Working with New Metric to bring Bria Mack to life was an incredibly bonding experience,” added Sasha Leigh Henry. “As creative collaborators, I think we are a good match, and share a similar appetite for experimenting and shaking things up with the kind of comedic stories we want to tell and the way we put them out into the world. I’m elated to be continuing our partnership. If Bria Mack Gets A Life was just the beginning, I can only imagine what comes next.”

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